US Army Warns of May 2nd Terror Threat

Infowars – by Paul Joseph Watson

The Department of Defense and the US Army are warning of a possible terror threat to coincide with the second anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden, according to a memo sent to Infowars by a source based at Fort Hood.

The antiterrorism awareness advisory asks army personnel to “heighten awareness of force protection actions as the nation approaches the second anniversary of the death of Usama Bin Laden (UBL),” urging soldiers to be cognizant of “terror related threats to army personnel, families and facilities.”  

Although the memo acknowledges that there is no specific credible threat for May 2nd, it does warn that terrorists, “may attempt to carry out an attack during or around the timeframe of the second anniversary of the death of Usama Bin Laden to capitalize on the symbolism such an attack would represent.”

The memo also notes that “homegrown violent extremists” may be motivated by the Boston bombings to carry out an attack and that they “remain the primary threat.”

The document lists a number of precautions army personnel are invited to take, including being wary when attending large public venues and being on the lookout for unattended backpacks.

View the memo, which is designated “unclassified/for official use only,” below.


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7 thoughts on “US Army Warns of May 2nd Terror Threat

  1. Translation:

    Israel is about to attack America; directly or through its numerous proxies.

  2. Second Anniversary? More like 12th Anniversary. The guy’s been dead since 2001. Who prints this stuff? It’s a disgrace. Oh yea, I forgot. It’s the Orwellian government.

      1. Jonestown is CIA and keeps pushing this meme.
        There will be NO terror attack. It is too late for the NWO. Even the ‘stupid goy’ are onto these false flags. They waited too long with their scams, and now the game is up
        only thing the ptb might get over on the public now is a false flag “natural disaster” — but they better hurry, cause the scam of geo-terror is getting known too.

  3. But there’s no explanation of why “homegrown violent extremists” would be motivated by the Boston bombings to carry out an attack. Why would that motivate them?

    Or maybe they’re celebrating Osama’s fake death too.

    I don’t think they even try to make sense anymore.

  4. I saw this post on another site, and also know Darren at InfoWars its just silly.
    Here is what I posted on BeforeItsNews

    Gosh that’s very interesting how come it doesn’t look like a US Military Document. Especially a US Army Memorandum. You can see or search for examples of those online because gosh how many classes did we Vets have to go through to learn how to write one correctly. and everything has to line up just right.

    No Office Symbol
    No Stamp or typed Date
    Then No MEMORANDUM FOR: but a small Subject hmm that’s not right
    There is a SUBJECT but there’s two of them not good
    No AUTHORITY LINE: if used
    No SIGNATURE BLOCK on the fifth line below the authority line or the last line of the text beginning in the center of the page.
    OH and on the bottom gosh, its way over regs like a bad mustache I believe its Leave a ONE-inch margin at the bottom of the first page (see figure 2-3 for instructions on continuing the memorandum)

    Anyhow like i post a comment all the time anyhow, and no Im not trying to discredit it, nor am i a troll or shill, im pretty sick and tired of all this bunk too, and can we either get on with it, or stfu and get the US back in order

    1. Truth be told, I only posted this as a reminder that today is the anniversary of Osama bin Had’s (second) death. I wouldn’t have remembered had I not seen this article. Since many of us fully expected the Boston ‘bombing’ to be blamed on a young, white, rabidly anti-gun control, anti-(so-called) ‘government extremist male, and the flipped the script on us to make it Muslim extremists instead, does it not then stand to reason that they would use such an anniversary to perpetrate another false flag for the express purpose of removing more of our (laughs) freedoms?

      Sometimes one must read between the lines.

      Regardless, the vast majority posting here are well aware of the credibility of ANYTHING coming from AJ.

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