US Department of State Grabs Plastic Gun

Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed announced on the Alex Jones Infowars broadcast today that the US Department of State has requested that he remove his downloadable files for creating a functional firearm using a 3D printer.

The US Department of State today has claimed authority to confiscate intellectual property and control over the internet.  

Cody Wilson reports he will comply with the US Department of State’s request to remove the files.

I guess this is due process of law under a totalitarian regime.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

Update: The downloadable files are currently being removed from Defense Distributed.

Update: Here is the letter sent to Cody Wilson courtesy of Infowars,

The letter, sent by the US Department of State, states:

“DTCC/END is conducting a review of technical data made publicly available by Defense Distributed through its 3D printing website,, the majority of which appear to be related to items in Category I of the USML. Defense Distributed may have released ITAR-controlled technical data without required prior authorization from the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC), a violation of the ITAR.”

USML stands for United States Munitions List, and ITAR stands for the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.

According to the letter, “Pursuant to § 127.1 of the ITAR it is unlawful to export any defense article or technical data for which a license or written approval is required without first obtaining the required authorization from the DTCC.

Further in the letter, it lists the 3D printable gun files available through that the DTCC says violate the ITAR.

“The Department believes Defense Distributed may not have established the proper jurisdiction of the subject technical data. To resolve this matter officially, we request that Defense Distributed submit Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) determination requests for the following selection of data files available on, and any other technical data for which Defense Distributed is unable to determine proper jurisdiction:

1. Defense Distributed Liberator pistol
2. .22 el3ectric
3. 125mm BK-14M high-explosive anti-tank warhead
4. 5.56/.223 muzzle brake
5. Springfield XD-40 tactical slide assembly
6. Sound Moderator – slip on
7. “The Dirty Diane” ½-28 to 3/4-16 STP S3600 oil filter silencer adapter
8. 12 gauge .22 CB sub-caliber insert
9. Voltlock electronic black powder system
10. VZ-58 front sight”

The letter goes on, “Until the Department provides Defense Distributed with final CJ determinations, Defense Distributed should treat the above technical data as ITAR-controlled,” meaning the files must comply with the UN . “This means that all such data should be removed from public access immediately. Defense Distributed should also review the remainder of the data made public on its website to determine whether any additional data may be similarly controlled and proceed according to ITAR requirements.”

13 thoughts on “US Department of State Grabs Plastic Gun

    1. Since they just did it gives them jurisdiction.
      They will come and shoot you if you do not obey their dictates
      You should know that law does not apply to the law makers.

  1. The DOD and feds will accomplish nothing with this. The fact that they even think making someone removed files will change anything absurd.

  2. Someone should set up a torrent on a darknet .onion site.

    This reminds me of when Zimmerman caught hell from the Clinton administration for releasing PGP to the world. They tried to call
    encryption a controlled munition blah blah blah.


  3. Funny because you can use a laser to scan a part and then have the printer do it’s thing.Hence no need for down loadable blueprints.You can make any changes to the scan also before you print the item you scaned.So now what.A guy in his basement can do it all without the internet.Catch me if you can.

  4. The government is so pathetic. What a bunch of cowards. They will never learn. The more they suppress, the more we will find a way to counter them. We are the many and they are the few. It’s just common sense. The tighter the control, the more people will rebel or slip through their fingers. This accomplishes nothing. It just shows how desperate they are getting for control that they can never have.

  5. Cody Wilson made his point right after the first download completed.
    The old rules are obsolete. Its not the 3D file. Anyone with enough intelligence to run a 3D printer can already make a zip gun.

  6. in the article it says it does not comply with the did the small arms treaty really pass and they forgot to tell us about it? and if not what does the U.N. have to do with any of this?

  7. Last time I heard, the USA was governed as a democratic republic, and the Department of Defense was a US governmental agency. The DOD now states that the United Nations governs the DOD. If anyone can interpret this differently, I welcome the explanation.

    1. Just to be accurate, it was reported that it was the U.S.Department of State, not the Department of Defense responsible for this action. It makes little difference in the grand scheme of things

  8. Now all they have to worry about are the 300 million+ guns that were sold by manufacturers.

    They’re grasping at straws.

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