US-Israel relations mired by mixed messages: Analyst

Press TV

American analyst Dean Henderson believes that relations between the United States and Israel have been mired by “mixed messages.”

In an interview with Press TV, he said that mixed messages come out about Washington-Tel Aviv relations and expressed hope that the United States moves away from Israel.

The author made the remarks on Thursday while commenting on a report that suggested testy relationship between the allies appears to have hit new lows.  

After a week of jibes over the Israeli settlement expansions, the disagreements culminated Wednesday when a senior Obama administration official described Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “chickenshit.”

“Some people did say when Chuck Hagel was nominated to be defense secretary that things are going to change and we are going to move away from Israel,” Henderson said. “Because Hagel made some comments in the past that indicated he would like to do that. So that’s a good thing.”

“On the other hand, we just sent Israel these F-35 advanced fighter jets and that’s just happened this week,” the analyst said.

Under a deal brokered between Moshe Ya’alon, the Israeli minister of military affairs, and Hagel during a meeting in Washington last week, the US agreed to sell 25 more fighter jets to Israel.

“So it’s surely mixed messages, but the bottom-line is there are people I think in this administration that know for well that Israel was involved in 9/11,” he noted.

Henderson concluded that Israel is a rough child entity in the Middle East that was “set up by the British bankers to divide the Arabs and to control the oil, that’s was Israel is.”


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