US presidential candidates lapdogs for Zionist lobbies

Press TV  The US presidential candidate for the American Third Position Party (A3P) says the Republican and Democratic contenders for the November presidential race are merely lap dogs for the Zionist lobbies in the United States.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV on Thursday, Merlin Miller said he firmly believes both major US political parties are controlled by the Zionist interests, and their candidates are basically picked by global elites long ago.

He further noted that the whole presidential process in the United States is a sham, expressing regret that the American public is not aware of the reality.

Miller then termed the current US bipolar political system as “corrupt”, which totally depends on huge sums of money injected into it.

He highlighted that Republican and Democratic platforms are controlled by global elites, and neither party represents the interests of the American people anymore.

Miller noted that the A3P seeks to alter the US two-party system.

“We feel there is a need for a grassroots movement to develop, to actually have political representation for America’s middle class, America’s working people who have no representation anymore,” the US presidential candidate pointed out.

He stressed that there is actually zero tolerance for anybody to be anti-Zionist. Miller said personalities like film director Mel Gibson and CNN host Rick Sanchez were gone simply for the sake of opposition to the actions of Israel and Zionist lobbies. 

“This is certainly not the country that America used to be and we need to find ways to develop alternative media,” Miller said.

“If somebody should ever go against Zionist interests in the next election, they’re gone and all the money goes to their oppositions,” he added.

Miller underlined that the US foreign policy reflects the Zionist lobbies’ demands.

“These wars, they’re fabricated for the most part, the war on terror is a giant construct, in my opinion, engineered to create animosities between the Christian community and the Islamic community; to get these wars which benefit the international bankers, which benefit the Zionist interests in the Middle East,” he concluded.

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2 thoughts on “US presidential candidates lapdogs for Zionist lobbies

  1. The video is well worth watching. Press TV tells it as it is, American Joo TV is a controlled waste of your time and energy, switch it off.

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