US Propaganda Machine Kicks Program of Lies into High Gear

The mainstream propagandists are pushing their deceit yet again saying 103,000 jobs were created in September.  This number is bullshit in so many ways.  45,000 Verizon workers returned to work after being on strike and they actually admitted to 50,000 running out of unemployment and being removed from the number.  So that is 95,000 that represented absolutely no change from August to September, leaving 8,000 new hires for the American based companies.  And what do you want to bet all 8,000 were in China, India, and South Korea?  Remember, the slaves over there still count on the books here.

Also, the numbers for August were revised and 57,000 new hires just appeared out of nowhere.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  All that has happened here is that the propagandists, acting under orders from their corporate masters, have wantonly put forth another batch of blatant lies.  And why?  Because the natives are growing restless.  The war drums are pounding in the mountains.  The people are in the streets.  And the elite are scared shitless as well they should be.

Locally it is being reported that the food banks have ran out of food.  The Salvation Army in Medford, Oregon had to close its doors for the first time, ever.  And what do we have to look forward to this winter besides the ice and snow? QE3, which means further devaluation of our dollars, which means higher food prices, which means more hungry people.  And of course all the new money they are getting ready to print is going to be handed over to the banksters, who will hand it over to the CEOs, who will then funnel it out of this country through the stock market money laundering machine.

Right now the elite are trying to throw up a smoke screen in an effort to minimize the righteous cause of the protesters and maybe slow them down just long enough for the cold weather to drive them off the streets for the winter.  What our enemies are doing is blatant and should only serve to strengthen our resolve and consolidate our determination to make sure every sleazy ass propagandist makes it onboard a deportation barge bound for Somalia with a bottle of barbeque sauce tied around their necks.

The ignorant fools who are still purporting that Ron Paul will not be elected as president are becoming the very few and far in between.  They are either hard core neo-cons, which only make up about 8% of our population, or social communists, who make up about 7%.  They know their days are numbered and they are growing desperate.

We must ignore their propaganda verbatim, stay on point and push the cause forward.  Do not for a second think that our enemies within the mainstream propaganda machine are going to assist in the cause of freedom, liberty, and prosperity for all to the minutest measure, as this corrupt system is their bread and butter, as they have freely chosen to serve their evil corporate masters.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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