US Soldiers Deployed In Penokee Hills Of Wisconsin To Guard Future World’s Largest Taconite Mine??

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

I have a source who has posted this photo and description on their Facebook account showing a US soldier guarding land that will be turned into a ‘waste pit’.  Observe..

Penokee Hills – Northern Wisconsin, USA;

It does appear Gtac is willing to spill blood to achieve their goal of turning 22 miles of pristine wilderness into the world’s largest open pit taconite mine in their pursuit of the all mighty dollar!  

Rumors that these soldiers are possibly from the 9th infantry division from Washington State. Possibly authorized by governor Walker.

G-Tac has already lobbied and bought our politicians here in Wisconsin to completely remove our environment protection regulations so it is to little surprise that our fascist state is sending in paramilitary units to protect their investments after all,

“Wisconsin is open for business”

The company Gogebic Taconite (GTAC) purchased the mineral rights for a vast area in northwestern Wisconsin– 21,000 acres along 22 miles of the beautiful Penokee Range in Ashland and Iron Counties. In 2011, GTAC proposed to build what could become the largest open-pit iron-ore mine in the world (4 1/2 miles long, 1.5 miles wide and up 1,000 feet deep) to extract taconite, a type of low-grade iron ore.

Why are US soldiers gaurding this?  Why are US soldiers deployed on US Soil to guard corporate interests?  You know what that is right? Fascism, and I have been smelling it for awhile.  To me, neither the patch or the gear looks regulation US Army.  Plus, a state Gov. cannot order units under federal control to do anything.  However, everything else about him looks US Army.  If not US Army, than its some Merc company which could be scarier as they are not harnessed by the same leash as the US Army.  Mercs owe their loyalty to the all mighty dollar, the same loyalty the comapny G-Tac has apparently.  Hopefully someone will do some more investigating.  -Mort

9 thoughts on “US Soldiers Deployed In Penokee Hills Of Wisconsin To Guard Future World’s Largest Taconite Mine??

  1. Are they afraid that people will steal the taconite one
    shovel full at a time?

    This should be further proof that the military does not protect our freedoms (gag), but their sole purpose is to protect the interests of big business and bankers.

  2. If they are mercenaries, how do they get the right to have automatic weapons in the US without class 3 and destructive devices licenses?

  3. Military boys up there better look out because this is some realy nice beautiful country, and it is also on one of the world bigest aquafers. Yea, I saw the big cheifs down there in Madison Wi. contesting this BULLSHIT and THEY BLEW HIM OFF. Good This Is Pretty Much a Declaration of War so you guys better watch your cheap bought off military backs because this isn`t a F`n game here that we are talkin about you GD punks. TIME TO GET TOGETHER AND WE ALL AT LEAST SHOULD DO SOMETHING – AT LEAST SOMETHIG BESIDES SINGING F`SONGs AND CARRYING SIGNS YA KNOW – MAYBE EH!!!!!!!! You know what I`m talk`n about don`t ya? We gotta protect our natural resorses damnit don`t we? F them unholy bastards, and I mean it.

  4. This is a good example as to how they work! they got to bring in military from Wash. State to do this. Them Yellow bellied Peices of shit. Why didn`t they bring in people that were local if it was so good. You Spinless yellow bastards. You all are gonna pay if you all pollute oure water here you SOB`s. Look Out.

  5. I haven’t investigated this very deeply so could be way off base.
    Why are soldiers guarding the future site of a low grad iron ore mine? I would really like to know what they are keeping people from knowing about/seeing as that makes more sense.

  6. The image is appropriate for modern America. It looks like a soldier in some third world dung-hole or banana republic.

  7. The local news said this morning that those were a privately hired security firm hired by the mining company. They said that they had to hire them because of protesters slashing tires and destroying equipment. We all do not want these mining companies here and they have only just started to see how much we do not want them bastards. Like I said before ” those mining co.s and their workers had better watch their backs and look out because we do not want them here.

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