US Supreme Court Rules against We the People

One of the consolations being offered to the Ron Paul supporters by the Campaign for Liberty is the assertion that, though we may not succeed in getting the GOP ticket for Dr. Paul, we will make “great inroads” in electing patriotic local representatives, who in accordance with the theory, will pass local legislation designed to protect our Constitution and our rights.

On Monday, the so called Supreme Court of the United States destroyed all illusions of correcting the problems within our nation from the bottom up, as key portions of Arizona’s immigration law was struck down by the treasonous insurgent soviet socialists sitting on the Supreme Court.

The one provision that was upheld is affectively nullified simply through Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s refusal to enforce our federal immigration laws.  The fact is the manner in which the treasonous court ruled will only encourage further invasion from the south.

Though the police in Arizona can, via reasonable suspicion, check the legal status of anyone they pull over for another offence, it is being reported that ICE will simply delay the transfer of information at the traffic stop to the point that the illegals will have to be let go.

Even if they are arrested they must be turned over to ICE who will let them go.   And if they are not let go, of course with the aid of the treasonous bastards that are supposed to be bringing them to justice, they will be, not only allowed, but encouraged, to sue the state for violation of their rights, making it absolutely clear that the perceived right of foreign nationals in our country illegally not to be detained outweighs the US nationals right to have a free and sovereign country and a constitutional Republic of, for, and by we the people.

This latest outrage is just another among a tidal wave of injustices being heaped upon us and any assertion that we the people can regain control of our country through anything short of a full blown revolution is a fantasy.  We the people need to stop grasping for straws as we are being put to our knees.  We need to stand up and assert our lawful authority to remove the treasonous insurgents within our government.

The only question left is how bad we are going to allow this thing to get before we act.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

14 thoughts on “US Supreme Court Rules against We the People

  1. Arizona will secede from the union at some point. This isn,t over yet. These traitors with black robes are living on another planet.

    1. Seceding – all Social Security payments to Arizona seniors will cease and many of them along with the large disabled population will become instant paupers.

  2. Things like this happen when we allow an illegal alien to be the President. And as for:

    “we will make “great inroads” in electing patriotic local representatives, who in accordance with the theory, will pass local legislation designed to protect our Constitution and our rights.”

    Hahahahaha! Yeah, good luck with that America! When you’re tired of being oppressed by injustice and they are coming to take your very life, maybe then you’ll take some action…….if it’s not too late.

  3. Which part of its THEIR laws stupid are so difficult to understand, they control the show right down to the intimidating black robes. We the mere citizens do not make any laws, we are always beneath their laws. Do not expect justice or God forbid your freedom and liberty to somehow trickle down to you from the entitled ones.

    Usury, laws and wars are their tools to impoverish you, deprive you of liberty and life. Get used to it. Read Animal Farm by George Orwell again if you have the courage for an hour or so over this weekend and prepare to pale.

  4. According to an article on the web, Dallas, TX passed an ordinance allowing police to check for proper auto insurance. If there is none the car is impounded and the owner is fined $350 plus $$ per day at the impound lot. Traffic accidents dropped significantly. 80% of impounded cars were driven by illegals. No Constitutional violations here. Try this Arizona and all other states.

  5. David2: 1984 by G.O. might be an even better analogy.
    I’m guessing the Supreme Morons are assuming that there’s more than enough room in the Fema death camps for Americans AND illegals.

  6. @ 1NWO Hatr

    Ron Paul surprised the entitled ones as the intelligent youth took like ducks to water to his message, so I would guess some pressure to dilute his campaign was made such as no more campus thousands getting excited about freedom. His admission of not being able to become president etc. all halting his amazing progress

    This is the closest that we are being allowed to gaining freedom, we see it in front of us and then it is clouded from view.

    Read the Jewish patriots 1961 warning article posted on the site and then read Animal Farm, not sure which was written first. What I find interesting about animal farm is that once the entitled are put in power then as psychopaths they cover all recollection of how life used to be. Look how quickly the Ron Paul Revolution excitement has been dissolved into a dream that can no longer happen in reality. So we accept our fate and wait on the entitled to be benevolent and loosen their laws over us.

    Understand their game and understand our odds. Slowly the frogs are boiled alive.

  7. Where the hell is our congress? it would seem that our balance of power is heavily tilted one way. If we can’t count on our supreme court, what protection do we have left?

  8. I gues that reasonable suspicion is different on a monday or a friday or first thing in the morning with a hangover etc. etc. Like some one said – it depends on what is is and how you define is. I thought that we all needed auto insurance. I know in Minn. they do Wi. too I gues. what a f#@k`in joke they are How does the song go by The Jefferson Airplane” we are all outlaws in the eyes of america”. You gotta love it. Tee hee hee.

  9. @David2: Another prophetic book written by George was New World Order, in 1939, I believe. Funny thing is, when I tried to find a copy on the internet, not only are there no copies available anywhere, it’s not even on any lists of his works I could find. I know it exists, because I’ve read excerpts from it on the internet in the past. It’s as if it disappeared down the Orwellian black hole of the Ministry of Truth. Only thing I can figure is TMI. Interesting. .

  10. @David2: Correction: I checked again – it was H.G.Wells who wrote “The New World Order” not George Orwell.

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