USA Prepares Radio Show: Truth on Fukushima and its course

Published on Jan 2, 2014 by Ron Gibson

Dr. Richard Alan Miller – The Real Fox Mulder of the X-Files -Fukushima 3rd Meltdown – Learning With Microwave Distractions – How Do Mind Control Drugs Work? – Government Mind Control Experiments – Are They Happening Now? – Fukushima is killing us – The worst man-made disaster since Noah’s Flood – Fukushima – Update – The truth about Fukushima.
–Date: 01/02/2014
Host: Vincent Finelli
“Everyone all set? Cocked and locked? Here we go…” That is how Vincent starts every broadcast and the same energy is applied to the entire hour of his show. “USA Prepares” aims to: dispel incorrect information about eating habits, dangers of food additives, fluoride, chlorine, and fast food joints, medical prevention and cures, survival economics, preparedness and exposing the lies that keep us form being able to prepare, and much, much more. Common guests include: Frank Underhill Dr. Norman Shealy, Jim Marrs, James Wesley Rawles, Larry Pratt, Dr, Shayne, Dr. Richard Alan Miller, Mike Parsons, Roy Birdsong and Maggie Craddock. If you want to know how to buy a farm, raise farm animals, store food, learn the importance of precious metals, or even survive a gunfight, tune into “USA Prepares.”

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