UTTERLY INSANE Militarized Traffic Stop in Harrisburg PA


Sep 26, 2019

Police reactions like this (FOR NO FREAKIN’ logical reason) is completely off-the-charts INSANE. Talk about TERRORIST activity caught on camera. Good thing this guy recorded the incident or we would never know about it. ALWAYS record the police!

9 thoughts on “UTTERLY INSANE Militarized Traffic Stop in Harrisburg PA

    1. Maybe it’s not really a she……

      I mean how TF can one tell anymore these days?
      Glad I’ve been out of the dating scene since this crap started to really explode

      IT could be packing something other than false pride and a pistol , if you get what I mean ?

    1. I am just looking around that cop looks like he has a silencer on his ar15 , police with silencers are a sinister look to me

  1. How do they not see how fcked up shit like this is?
    There’s got to be a push back coming
    Sure as hell don’t want to be standing on the edge when the play back comes

    I don’t even address these scum as humans anymore
    They’ve lost that right

  2. There’s that key word again… INSANE.

    There are only two ways to deal with psychopaths, either incarcerate them for life (at prohibitive expense), or…

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