VA Fast-Tracks Sex Change For Manning While Vets Die On Waiting Lists

Breitbart – by Thomas Rose

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has formally approved the request of Pvt. Bradley Manning, convicted for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks, to be temporarily transferred out of military custody in order to undergo expensive hormone therapy and surgery to become a woman.

Manning, whose taxpayer-funded request to change his name from Bradley to Chelsea was approved last month by a Kansas court, has been able to obtain repeated diagnoses from military doctors that he suffers from “gender dysphobia”; a condition of someone ‘discontented’ with the sex they were ‘assigned with’ at birth. It was first listed as a medical condition in 2007 by the authoritative Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.    

Two Pentagon officials quoted by WUSA-TV, the CBS News affiliate in Washington, D.C., claim the transfer orders were submitted because neither the Defense nor Veterans Department authorize such medical services, while the US Bureau of Prisons does. Pentagon Spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby denies the claim, saying no decision has been made to transfer Manning to a civilian facility.

As the medical needs of Manning, convicted in 2013 and sentenced to 35 years in prison for stealing 750,000 classified defense department documents in order to disseminate them to Wikileaks, were being assiduously attended to by America’s defense establishment, untold hundreds of American servicemen and women suffering from genuine life-threatening and acute medical conditions have allegedly been left to die on at least seven waiting lists managed by the US Veterans Administration.

At least 19 veterans “served” by VA facilities in South Carolina and Georgia died apparently avoidable deaths from colon and bowel cancers after they were put on phony waiting lists designed to prevent from obtaining the necessary diagnostic tests.

Phoenix VA doctor Dr. Sam Foote was the first to publicly expose the scandal when heclaimed that up to 40 people in his jurisdiction alone had died preventable deaths while on VA waiting lists.

Sex change treatments can last several years and, in Manning’s case, will cost taxpayers up to $40,000. The 2014 published Medicaid reimbursement for a colonoscopy is $479.39.

3 thoughts on “VA Fast-Tracks Sex Change For Manning While Vets Die On Waiting Lists

  1. Manning has done more for this country in the past 3 years than many do in a lifetime….. and then he suffered immensely….. and now he’s jailed for being
    ONE OF THE FEW willing to speak TRUTH….


    You got a problem with the VA Hospital, GO AFTER THE VA HOSPITAL.

    I’d much rather Manning get my tax dollars than the crooks in politics!!

    1. I much rather you shut the f#@k up, being that you have never served in combat, let alone the our Republics military.
      I want my tax dollars used on my brothers and sisters who are in need and/or suffering greatly.
      Bradley has done nothing to merit the special treatment
      he will receive.
      In closing, F#@K YOU “george!”

    2. George I’ll second that too.With all the problems the guy obviously had he had the balls to tell the truth and so many that don’t and want to pretend all is well and watch football and dancing with the fools and drink a six pack, scorn him or her or what ever it is.This government at all levels is totally out of control and before long all is going to be forced to see it even if they have their heads in their ass! The entire world is laughing at us and rightfully so for the treasonous bastards we have at the top.Eric Holder still walks free and the politicians at the top are bleeding this country dry.

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