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Venuzuela’s Stock Market is doing well too

The one percent declare the stock market is the measure for all of the people. The facts tell a different story.



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5 Responses to Venuzuela’s Stock Market is doing well too

  1. Koorz says:

    Definitive example of why I NOW believe that even when the US does go – stocks will probably hit a new, all-time high.

    • galen says:

      Yeah, no matter how high the water, they always have multiple life-boats. Matters not who else is drowning. All this, while We-The-People are spoon-fed communism at every turn.

      And the whole healthcare circus… all I want to know is when I can start paying less, a whole lot less. Common Law is decency. Decency provides healthcare, no? Wonder how this can happen without the State’s exploitation. Can liberty and “healthcare for all” go hand in hand? And by “all” I mean all those who want it; nothing forced. Really, just asking; it’s a dilemma that’s been on my mind a long time.


      • Henry Shivley says:

        Liberty and health care can go hand in hand. This government was supposed to run itself on tariff money. The wealth of our nation is unbelievable, and as nationals it belongs to each and every one of us as individuals. If the proceeds from our resources were coming directly to us instead of being illegally stolen, each and every one of us could pay in gold for the best health care on the planet.

  2. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Anytime I see a stock market increase whether it be in Venezuela or be it in the jungles of the Congo, I just prepare myself for a comment on our web site that is going to call bullsht.

    These bullsht goddamn increases only serve to wet the panties of the people who turn their kids from a female into a male, nobody else. These are the people who the Jew adores, not only the mind set, but also the money they have dumped into the IPO,s that these people have so graciously given to the wall kissers who slurp Motzo soup as they wipe their arse while sitting on a golden throne.

    Godamned tired of hearing about bullsht stock market increases.

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