Victory for Houston Pastors

Victory for Houston Pastors!Defend Christians

Last week America watched stunned as Annise Parker, the openly lesbian Houston mayor, ordered city’s churches to turn over sermons that talk about homosexuality, gender identity issues, or Annise Parker herself. Not only were their sermons requested, but any e-mails, text messages, and other communications in which the pastors may have disagreed with Parker. The pastors were targeted after many Christians were outraged at a recent bill passed by the city council.  

The “Bathroom Bill”, or Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (H.E.R.O.), like many bills throughout the country, would allow transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice. Meaning men would be allowed in the women’s restroom and vice versa.

Opponents collected signatures to place the issues on the ballot, but the city claimed there were not enough legitimate signatures. Opponents then filed a lawsuit against the city, leading the city attorney to subpoena the sermons, claiming that the pastors had undue influence on the signature collection.

Last week we urged you to contact Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and demand that he protect these pastors. Thankfully, only a few days after your phone calls, Abbott sent a letter to the Houston city attorneys demanding that they stop bullying these pastors!


Contact Houston Mayor Annise Parker and demand that she listen to Abbott and stop this outrageous behavior.

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  1. I can predict a brutal beating occuring when a father finds out that a male entered a restroom that his young daughter was in and it won’t matter if the guy is in a dress and carrying a purse.

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