Violent Storm Batters San Antonio, Damaging 100 Homes

ABC 13 News

There are at least five known injuries, but all are said to be minor.

We’re getting our first look at the incredible destruction here in the ABC13 newsroom. 

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The San Antonio Fire Department says more than 100 homes have been damaged in areas south of the city’s airport, and just north of downtown.

In the Alamo Heights, at least 43 homes were damaged in a residential area. The storm then moved across Highway 281, bringing destruction to some commercial properties.

High winds toppled trees, ripping roofs off of homes, even leveling some of the dwellings.

Meantime, officials say a tornado may have moved through the area around 10:30 last night, but are awaiting confirmation by the National Weather Service.

Crews said a fire that started inside an area elementary school is storm related.

The American Red Cross is working to get up a shelter, and are attending to the needs of storm victims in the dark.

City officials said a significant number of homes are without power.

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