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Viral ‘Dump Trump’ mural in New York erased


In August 2015, street artist Hanksy painted a mural portraying Donald Trump as a pile of feces.

The Lower East Side artist, whose name is an off-shoot of famous British street artist Banksy, became known for superimposing Tom Hanks’ face on a Banksy rat. “Hanksy” comes from the use of Hanks’ image.  

The Trump mural, titled “Dump Trump,” featured the likeness of Trump’s face and hair. It was located on Orchard Street located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan:

Credit: Instagram
On January 6 — a year and a half later — the portrait has been erased by the building’s owners. According to Gothamist, the owner received a letter last summer to remove the mural or else get fined. Nothing had been done until this month.

Credit: Hanksy via Artnet
“It was a s— mural anyways,” Hanksy told Gothamist. He does not blame the owners for painting over it. The street artist said he would “be happy to paint it again,” preferably by Trump Tower.

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5 Responses to Viral ‘Dump Trump’ mural in New York erased

  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Hilarious painting!

    But I view Chump a bit differently, considering that he’s so very busy draining that swamp… to save us…

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