Vladimir Putin Might Have Cancelled World War III.

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General Ali Mamluk is Syria’s chief of the office of home security.  He visited Riyadh and met with the Saudi deputy Crown Prince Mohamad bin Salman [son of the current king] as a result of a Vladimir Putin brokered initiative. The coming together of these two sides to talk after 4 years of war is a hopeful sign that the Mideast is moving away from war towards peace.

This meeting tacitly recognizes Syria’s upper hand on the situation on the ground. Syria had begun a summer offensive with the aid of a Iran’s brigade of 15,000 volunteer Shi’ite fighters raised from Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Hezbollah has decided to go all in to defend Syria. Iran has pledged to give Hezbollah their latest model night drones to fight ISIS. Iran also gave Syria a billion dollars to fund this offensive.

It seems that ISIS has like Dr Frankenstein’s monster has outgrown its creator’s intentions. ISIS was created by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Three of the four partners appear to have had second thoughts. Turkey recently closed the border to terrorists entering Syria though it did begin bombing the Kurds as well as ISIS.

On the other war mongering hand, Israel called up some of its reserves for a three day drill and re-positioned a few Iron Dome missile batteries near Lebanon. They already have placed Iron Dome in the occupied Golan Heights.

Each Iron Dome battery costs US taxpayers about $100 million; Israel currently has nine batteries. And each Iron Dome Tamir missile that Israel fires — and usually two are sent up to intercept each descending rocket — costs at least $50,000.

Placing Iron Dome batteries near the Lebanese border and in the Golan Heights might not be such a good idea. During the last Gaza slaughter, Hamas had built tunnels far enough into Israel that they were able to kill several high value targets at an Israeli officer training facility. Suppose Hezbollah fighters pop up out of tunnels and fire one shot one kill missiles at short range at those Iron Dome batteries. Firing 20,000 primitive missiles interspersed with a few hundred more advanced ones would defeat what was left of those Iron Dome batteries. Hezbollah also has drones that can fire missiles with deadly accuracy.

Israel knows they cannot attack Iran or Hezbollah and survive. General Wesley Clark said ISIS was created to attack Hezbollah. Israel is the only one of the four creators of ISIS who still supports them 100%. They do so because Hezbollah has 80,000 missiles. Israel dreams ISIS terrorists can save them.

Because Hezbollah agreed to help Syria and Iran to defeat ISIS and the other rebels  they have been receiving more advanced missiles with guidance systems and warheads weighing up to 1,300 pounds.

Previously, Hezbollah used drones to map targets inside Israel. They can take down the Israeli power grid for  6 months and blow up Israel’s petrochemical industry in Haifa. They can use fuel air explosive warheads to burn Tel Aviv to the ground. When Israel created a National Guard, Hezbollah sympathizers joined. Israeli intelligence officers said there are Hezbollah supporters inside the National Guard in Syria armed with thousands of rockets.

Israel published an article about a month ago saying that a Third Lebanon War would go badly for the Lebanese because Hezbollah had built defenses in small villages. Israel would be forced to directly bomb a third of Lebanon’s population to attack Hezbollah. That article was picked up and printed all over the world thanks to the International Jewish Lobby. An Australian newspaper said that they had sent a woman into several of the villages Israel had cited. She said she found nothing. There were 400 people in one hamlet and no visible defensive installations as claimed by Israel. The original article was just so much Israeli hot air. Israel knows they cannot attack Lebanon.

If you remember, General Wesley Clark said the Pentagon after 911 was given a list of 7 nations to take down in five years. Lebanon and Iran were on that list with Libya and Syria. Obama did attack two of those nations for Israel. But his military has concluded that it would cost far too much to attack Lebanon and Iran. Even trying to finish off Syria is out of America’s current reach as the CIA, the Department of Defense, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street have concluded that America will soon be going bankrupt and be incapable of any foreign initiatives on her own.

The Good News is that Israel is now restricted in terms of what they can do to their neighbors. Hezbollah, Syria and Iran have said No. The bad news is that Israel can still wage war against unarmed Palestinians withing Israel’s expanded borders.

Hopefully, the European Union can in the long run bring Israel into the modern world of peace, prosperity and treating others with some decency.

Before I had read that article about the Syrian-Saudi meeting forwarded by Sharmine Narwani ( https://twitter.com/snarwani) I had intended to write something with this tentative title:

The US Elite Has Decided To Let Iran, Syria and Hezbollah Become A Regional Force.

Of course the reason for that decision to accept the Iran nuclear deal is that as I said America will soon be in no economic position to dictate how everyone else in the world should live. And Americans in a few months will lack the resources to defend Israel’s interests ahead of their own.

The Good News is that Vladimir Putin has reduced the likelihood of the Mideast escalating into World War III. Of all the flashpoints that was the most probable spark for Armageddon.

The Bad News is that World War III will be fought within the borders of Europe, Great Britain and the US. It will be waged against the soon to be impoverished white middle classes. That is if we do not have worldwide Debt Cancellation.

In other news: Jim Willie said he has a news source who told him the Federal Reserve has been holding meetings with the Big Banks and a few of the larger Hedge and Mutual Funds. They were told to prepare for Crunch Time around September or October when a series of bad events will begin to unfold.

A year ago the press reported that the FED told the Big Banks to write Living Wills. That meant they were to structure their assets so they could survive bankruptcy. Of course the corporate shell that contained bank deposits would have to be sacrificed. But spin off your better assets into other vehicles. The EU told all member states to have laws in place by September for Bail-ins to seize bank deposits. US courts have already ruled that depositors are actually investors in the bank so their money can be taken when, not if, their bank goes bankrupt. Jim Willie says the Bankers want to seize between 2 and 5 trillion dollars from depositors. And that could include brokerage accounts. Of course Americans own 350 million guns so US Bankers will be somewhat restricted in what they can do to us.

The other event of note last week was mentioned by SyrianGirlPartisan on YouTube. The term Cuckservative was coined a month ago. She said Cuckservative is portmanteau of “conservative” and “cuckold” (i.e. a man whose wife has cheated on him) and that it burned up Twitter. Some men enjoy allowing their wife service other men. Freud said the two men meet inside the woman so repeating cuckolds are latent homosexuals.

A Cuckservative is a politician who puts Israel’s interests ahead of his own country. All of the current 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are Cuckservatives. That would be a good observation to propagate around the Internet.

Notes: I am not on Twitter. But I have followed Sharmine Narwani’s work for several years and immediately picked up her thread as soon as I saw it. It was an important article she was forwarding. Global Research picked it up in Canada. Narwani appears to be a British woman of immigrant stock who worked at Oxford and now resides in Lebanon. There is very little information about her on the Internet. She used to write at Huffington Post. The article is: http://www.al-akhbar.com/node/238963 in Arabic.

Translated here:




2 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Might Have Cancelled World War III.

  1. “They can take down the Israeli power grid for 6 months and blow up Israel’s petrochemical industry in Haifa.”

    That’s a good start.

    “They can use fuel air explosive warheads to burn Tel Aviv to the ground.”

    I’d pay top dollar to see that.

  2. “Even trying to finish off Syria is out of America’s current reach as the CIA, the Department of Defense, the Federal Reserve and Wall Street have concluded that America will soon be going bankrupt and be incapable of any foreign initiatives on her own.”

    America going bankrupt? Only if the Zionists want to. Those bastards just have to print more money or add a few more zeros in the computer.

    “They were told to prepare for Crunch Time around September or October when a series of bad events will begin to unfold.”

    Well…they’ve been saying that same kind of rhetoric for the past few years now. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, I will keep prepping. I’m sure in the meantime, in order to “Crunch” their numbers, a few infamous banker suicides will start to occur, if you know what I mean.

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