Vladimir Putin vs Bilderberg and the New World Order

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They couldn’t make it happen in Syria, but they didn’t give up. Humanity will be proud.

Something big is about to happen.

Tensions continue to mount on Israel’s and the Ukrainian/Russian borders as super powers prepare militaries for an inevitable showdown.

Following the downed Malaysian jetliner over Ukraine as the United States insisted that Russia orchestrated the shooting down of the plane…   

WASHINGTON, July 25 (Reuters) – The Pentagon said on Friday the transfer of heavy-caliber multiple-launch rocket systems from Russia to Ukrainian separatists appeared to be imminent with the arms close enough to the border they could be handed over “potentially today.”

“We have indications that the Russians intend to supply heavier and more sophisticated multiple-launch rocket systems in the very near future,” said Army Colonel Steve Warren, a Pentagon spokesman, adding that the weapons were in the over-200mm range.


Teikovo division, northeast of Moscow, equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-24 Yars, was put on alert in the operating room, reported the Russian Defense Ministry.

The intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 Yars (SS-X-29 for NATO), with a range of 11,000 kilometers, is the modernized version of the Topol-M . Measures 23 meters consisting of three stages, solid fuel and is used multiple reentry warheads. Sources

KIEV, Ukraine — Responding to strong advances by the Ukrainian military against insurgents in the week since the downing of a passenger jet, Russia has stepped up its direct involvement in the hostilities in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian and American officials say. It has unleashed artillery attacks on Ukrainian positions from Russian territory and amassed heavy weapons along the border that could be pushed across to prolong the fighting, they say. Source

The Ukrainian army has claimed that its soldiers came under artillery fire from the Russian side of the border overnight and were attacked by rebels in several other places in the country’s restive east.

In a statement on Friday, the headquarters of the government’s military operation in the east listed at least seven locations where rebels attacked Ukrainian troops.

They also claimed that attacks on two locations including a border crossing were supported by artillery fire from Russia.

In response, Russia claimed that around 40 mortar shells fired by Ukrainian forces fell in the province of Rostov near the border with eastern Ukraine. Source


While Obama was in LA for fundraisers basking in a cesspool of glitter and bling, getting ready for his two week Hawaiian vacation, doing nothing to assist in Middle East matters apart from Kerry’s ongoing failures …(including Israel/Hamas failed cease fire),

Russia has begun supplying military helicopters and fighter jets to Iraq, a report said Thursday, as Iraq’s defense minister visited Moscow to press for equipment to thwart a jihadist offensive.

“A number of contracts with Iraq have entered into force and are being fulfilled,” the Interfax news agency quoted a source in Russia’s defense export establishment as saying.

Deliveries of Mi-35 helicopter gunships and Su-25 fighters that provide close air support for ground troops have begun, added the Source.


Latest on MH17
International special forces are preparing to go to the Ukraine, perhaps as early as this weekend.

A detachment of Australian SAS has arrived in the UK within the past 24 hours, Sky News has learned.

If authorised, they will help secure the crash site of MH17 in eastern Ukraine along with international partners.

They are currently working with British and Dutch special forces – all three nations lost citizens in the disaster.

The media reports that Australian/ Dutch and NATO commando units are forming a multi-country taskforce to enter Ukraine to guard the crash site and investigators. There are also significant numbers of airborne troops on one hour standby should that commando force run in to trouble. They ARE authorised to fire on anyone firing on the investigators or crash site.

They can call on heavy reinforcements should they be required. It is initially a small spearhead force, but they can reinforce with up to a couple of thousand troops within an hour notice.

Meanwhile, OSCE says Donetsk Government plans to clear wreckage and belongings from the MH17 site in the next few days. Sources


The Syrian War brought the US and Russia to the brink of the first major confrontation since the Yom Kippur War of 1973  …and now, Ukraine, but as we look deeper into things, people are beginning to get a different perspective on what is going on since well before the Ukraine/Crimea drama.

In reality, Russia seems to be the only RESPONSIBLE player. Russia also knows that the international community isn’t a community at all if everyone isn’t working together.

The West agenda and its global shenanigans for self interests, is the only thing preventing the global community from moving in the same direction.

In the wake of Crimea’s independence referendum, Hillary Clinton says Russian President Putin is a “new Hitler.”  Zbigniew Brezezinski, former National Security Advisor agrees, calling Putin not just another Hitler, but also a thug, a menace, a Mafia gangster, and a Mussolini. The Western mainstream media echoes this childish name-calling.


Despite Western rhetoric, in a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Barack Obama Russian President Vladimir Putin drew attention to the continuing rampage by extremists in Ukraine, who are committing acts of intimidation against civilians, bodies of power, and law enforcers in different parts of Ukraine and in Kiev and do so with impunity, the Kremlin’s press-service has said.  Kremlin

In this context the Russian leader suggested considering likely steps by the international community to help stabilize the situation in Ukraine. It was agreed that Russian and US foreign ministers would discuss specific parameters of such joint work in the near future.

As a result of that phone call, halfway home from Saudi Arabia, US secretary of state John Kerry has abruptly changed course. He will now stay in Europe for talks on Ukraine.

The news followed reports from Russia that Kerry had spoken to the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, by phone, a day after President Vladimir Putin called President Barack Obama. The Russian foreign ministry said Washington had initiated the call between Kerry and Lavrov, adding that they discussed Ukraine and plans for further contact. -Sources

In the wake of Crimea’s independence referendum, Hillary Clinton says Russian President Putin is a “new Hitler.”  Zbigniew Brezezinski, former National Security Advisor agrees, calling Putin not just another Hitler, but also a thug, a menace, a Mafia gangster, and a Mussolini. The Western mainstream media echoes this childish name-calling.

Giving credit for where credit is due, considering Hillery Clinton as a source of opinion, and Brezezinski among the elite of the ‘New World Order’ …name calling is what they do while doing exactly what they accuse others of doing.

Why is the whole Western foreign policy establishment so afraid of Putin?

Because Putin is standing up against Western aggression – not only in Ukraine, but also in Syria and Iran, ongoing Western attempts to destabilize these and other countries are just the most recent examples of a decades-old pattern of aggression. The long-term goal: Total destruction of traditional nations and values, and the creation of a New World Order global dictatorship.’ PressTV

Color Revolutions and chaos
From 2014 The Perfect Storm – Wars and Rumors of Wars Economic Crisis by Design 

Recent events perfectly fit into the US-invented concept of ‘manageable chaos’ (also known as ‘controlled instability’ theory). Among its authors are: Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Polish American political scientist, Gene Sharp, who wrote From Dictatorship to Democracy, and Steven Mann, whose Chaos Theoryand Strategic Thought was published in Washington in 1992, and who was involved in plotting ‘color revolutions’ in some former Soviet republics.


To understand how the pieces fit in Ukraine and Crimea, its important to have some background on events leading up to where we are now …its better to understand the relationship with The Arab Spring, Egypt and Syria.

Important read: The theory of ‘manageable chaos’ put into practice Strategic
Culture Foundation Sergei SHASHKOV | 01.03.2011 | 16:20: 

For the sake of sanity, Americans on both sides of the political issues spinning out of control should open their minds and see they’re being duped and how.

The interview below, albeit over a year ago, touches on mechanics behind the scenes of current protests and revolutions and political division.

This article goes on to explain in detail how social and media manipulation affects change for the benefit of the corrupt elite.

Though the Ukrainian crisis (as some call it) is going to a higher level of intensity, its looking more like Vladimir Putin and his team has played a masterful game of chess so far …doing so not only in the Ukraine region, but as we witnessed in the fall of 2013, a genius maneuver in averting an imminent World War III over Syria’s chemical weapons crisis where in both cases, US/Western influences were witnessed working behind the scenes to incite both crisis’.


The game isn’t about Syria or Ukraine, but control of the Middle East and a New World Order controlled by the ‘elite’ (Russia does know that …but if distracted something could fall through the cracks).

The game being played out is generations old and leading up to an end.

Now, the one thing nobody is aware of (or at least discussing) in the Ukraine matter should Russia have gotten behind the eight ball over Ukraine is, China has Russia’s back and is equally willing to go nuclear against the wannabe NWO (especially having control of the Middle East assets and strategic location) …that has been stated publicly by China officials in recent years.

As we have witnessed, China doesn’t waffle …Russia doesn’t waffle and despite Americans fixation on political scandals and strife …neither of them care about what happens to 2014 US elections or American politics and will do what they need to do.

Vladimir vs Bilderberg or (West vs East)

If conventional wisdom over looks or underestimates Russians and the 26-27 million countrymen slaughtered in World War II at the hands of Hitler led Nazis and his allies being forgotten by Russian patriots …think again. Would you?

The video above discusses a Nazi mentality prevalent in the West. Russia’s sentiments and the people of the region runs deep in their hatred for Nazi’s and the core of the wannabe New World Order.

Be careful to not misunderstand all sides of the issues at stake.

Russian President Vladimir has openly discussed his disdain for what he and many others see asWestern Imperialism rooted in Naziism and headed by international bankers and Nazi ideologuescommitted to a New World Order even now as they did then (the same philosophy that resulted in theslaughter of over 20 million Russians by Hitler and his and his allies and the Jewish Holocaust)

See also; New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship
The Technological Revolution and the Future of Freedom, Part 3

McFaul, Gene Sharp with George Soros as his sponsor, are experts in starting color revolutions. It always seems to involve the US. Soros, who favored Romney now since he gave up on Obama, has been spreading “democracy” for years as a Bilderberger.


President Putin is a chess master in world affairs and in protecting Russia. Nazi Germany underestimated Russia as the Communists underestimated Christianity.

Naturally, the Bilderbergers underestimate Vladimir Putin, whom they have tried to assassinate this year in a video where US backed terrorist Doku Umarov is implicated.

Regarding the US/NATO missiles pointed at Russia, Putin said when he was in Paris recently,


“We are constantly being told that the missile defense system is not directed against Russia. We would like to receive military and technological guarantees fixed in legally binding documents,” 

What’s wrong with the US putting it on paper? Reagan did it. Then again, he was never a Bilderberger and the Bilderbergs will make damn sure a Reagan will never become president.

In this last round of Putin vs the West, we got a glimpse of the sleight of hand the West was using to facilitate an overthrow of government in Ukraine in favor of the EU and Western Banksters utilizing western paid protesters, violence and snipers not unlike in color revolutions throughout Africa and the Middle East which would have happened in Crimea as well had Russia not prevented any efforts by quickly moving militarily to not only protect the naval base but Russian/Crimean people ahead of the referendum and any violent opposition.

As the smoke appears to have cleared in Crimea without a shot being fired (despite the intensity in appearance), focus should remain on Syria and the Middle East around Israel, as the chess game between Russia and the West continues to unfold.



In the end, we will see played out it will seem …a war between good and evil with The Middle East around Israel, being the endgame.

As we have seen through recent events, and the days turn into drama of epic proportion, understanding who the enemy really is, will become more and more difficult.

In the Crimea matter, despite the alliance, China displayed a willingness to part on Russia’s threat to sell US bonds to trigger a crash in the markets and destroy the American economy over sanctions which can still happen.

Though Russia has recently pulled cash and assets out US banks and institutions and is more insulated, from a global economic collapse, China is temporarily more exposed.

Right or wrong in their methodology there are reasons and deep feelings behind why Russia does what Russia does since long before Vladimir Putin emerged on the scene …much to do with their unending hatred for Nazis and the wannabe New World Order.



and, don’t forget the BRICS!

Last week, the Brics countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – formed the New Development Bank (the Brics Bank). They hope it will serve as an alternative international financial system to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Dr Jason Hickel, an academic at the London School of Economics, argues the World Bank and IMF serve the interests of the global north while harming that of the south. “They specifically preclude poor countries from using the basic strategies that western countries used to develop their own economies.”

He adds: “This is why the World Bank is so valued by the US government and Wall Street: because it is instrumental to expanding the sphere of western capitalism, a role not dissimilar to that which colonialism once played for Europe.”

How likely is it that the New Development Bank will pose a credible alternative to the powerful World Bank and IMF?

With the shenanigans by the ‘Banksters’ the global community has been forced to endure, given oil, gas, gold and a majority of population and resources together with determination …three nuclear superpowers and growing …do the math.

In the meanwhile, Russia has some more moves before anything is over.

Concerning current events. 

‘At some point, … it will be too late for effective political action. … there reaches a point where it won’t matter who’s president and it won’t matter how devoted the global community is …the damage will be out of control.

Whether you are a believer of Prophesy, agnostic, atheistic or indigenous and living off the land in a remote village …despite it all, just as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and the passing of night and day affect everyone regardless of who or what one’s ‘god’ or belief system may be …the significance of these prophetic pieces coming together now in the way they are provides an opportunity to rethink priorities and focus.

Watch out that no one deceives you! Matthew 24

3 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin vs Bilderberg and the New World Order

  1. Such an excellent article…covering everything. One thing that stands out for me is that Russia is sending military helicopters to Iraq to fight ISIS. The Iraqi leadership made an emergency meeting in Russia for help in fighting ISIS. This action alone “proves” that the US has basically abandoned Al-Maliki (who was the US puppet) and the US totally supports and funds ISIS….the most brutal out of control terrorist group the middle east has ever seen. This ISIS terror group will create a whirlwind that will suck all surrounding countries in and the superpowers that support them. Ending in WW3 and the New World Order so coveted by the banksters.

  2. Looks like Vlad is holding back in the Ukraine situation, giving the West enough rope to hang itself. And, frankly, this constant comparison to the Nazis is getting old. Sounds like the same bs we hear about the endless references to the “holocaust”. Millions have died since those supposed events in these unending banker generated conflicts, but I guess they don’t count, not being “chosen” and all.

  3. “Tensions continue to mount on Israel’s and the Ukrainian/Russian borders as super powers prepare militaries for an inevitable showdown.”

    As I’ve been saying all along…


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