4 thoughts on “Voting – Whither Social Security? – Birthright Citizenship – The Worst Tax

  1. A drop of poison in a spoonful of sugar. Propaganda. Truth mixed with half truths and out and out lies.
    Ron Paul knows what the 14th Amendment did. Before it, the people ruled and their government served them. People ruled under the common law jurisdiction and the government served them. After the 14th Amendment, the government ruled under the administrative admiralty and the people serve the government.
    You cannot fix a fraud by further perpetuating it through the idea of manipulating it to make it a less diabolical fraud.
    Ron Paul is a member of the Libertarian Party, an incorporated entity contracted in with the US Corporation. Being of the elite and owning gold mines, he would have a lot to lose if the illegal US Corporation were removed, as every contract, every transfer of land and resource, every action perpetrated by or through the fraudulent authority is null and void. It is the poisonous fruit from the poisonous tree. It can only be eliminated.

  2. Hey Ron just how do we fix what’s wrong maybe you can answer that ? Your real good at pointing out what we all have known for some time . But never a fix

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