28 thoughts on “Wal-Mart cop suckers

      1. the only store where you have to check out twice …once at the register and again just before you exit ……..they have to scan the receipt and items that are not bagged

        1. About 2 months ago they started checking receipts before one leaves the store. But the scanning they don’t do. Geez, scanning?

          The WM here has been ripped off alot; big items. I think this is why they started checking receipts.

  1. Pigs will still probably choose to park across the lanes and block all access by the public the way they usually do.

    You, know, because they got special rights and all.

    I’ve seen them block the exit to the public parking lot next to my building so they can catch speeders. They force people to use the entrance lane to leave, potentially causing accidents and leaving the people terrified they are going to encounter a road pirate for using the inappropriate lane.

    1. Funny, I just took a pic of a pig doing EXACTLY that in the parking lot adjacent to me. You guys reading this or something? If you are, you should take notes!

  2. The word partner is a very legal that needs to be talked about in detail. When local government partners with a business it almost always mean the business is being made very profitable and the tax payers are on the hook.
    That business is most likely doing things that drive away honest costumers
    But a gods choses profit will still be made the check is in the mail the local taxes are in the partners pocket.
    Now as for walmart and the cops go fish.

    1. Please break it down in a comprehendible format. I don’t understand the message you are trying to relay.


    2. Oh yeah, they hand out those contracts to whom they’d make wealthy.

      Local copying federal model. Local corporatism, local fascism.

      Local corruption. Federal corruption. Corrupt world.

      We’re comin’ to set things right.


      1. Misty, I hear you. Same thing in this town I shop in. WM’s the only place one can get certain things. Can always go shop on line but with who? The other monsters like Amazon, etc..

        I will say I get as little as possible from WM. The thrift shop in town is my other option.

        1. Yup, we don’t have a grocery store here. It’s a love hate relationship, love the land we have but hate the town. We have to drive 18 miles just to get into the town. Our thrift store expanded here and I plan to go see it tomorrow.

          The mason’s seem to have a choke hold here as well.

          1. Wow! That’s tough wit no grocery store. At least we have one so I’m not stuck shopping at WM.

            That’s just about the same distance we drive as well.

            Hope your thrift shop day works out. Can find some great deals for inexpensive.

  3. WAL-MART:

    First it was no e-cigarettes….

    Then it was no open carry in the stores….

    Well unless they where made in CHINA.

    Now this….

    Let me guess…

    Next it’ll be a LGBTQ parking spot right next to it.

    With a sign that says:


        1. We have space if you need, I’m in Kansas. I’ve been known to make a ‘”fool” of myself for many moons! I do question if I’m the fool or others…lol?

          You take care as well.


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