14 thoughts on “War is eminent

    1. HEY ANGEL!!! 😀

      I was just telling Ryan earlier that I needed to e-mail you… been too long since we’ve heard from you. Had me starting to worry.

        1. Glad you’re back safe. 🙂

          Gives you enough time to get ready for the upcoming (upchucking is more like it) (s)election.

          Gonna be reeeeeal interestin’, I’m thinkin’. 😉

  1. Been saying this for years
    I’m growing impatient and old waiting for this to come to fruition
    Quite sure I’ll be dead before I see it happen sadly , if it ever does

  2. eminent
    [em-uh-nuh nt]

    Word Origin

    See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
    high in station, rank, or repute; prominent; distinguished:
    eminent statesmen.
    conspicuous, signal, or noteworthy:
    eminent fairness.
    lofty; high:
    eminent peaks.
    prominent; projecting; protruding:
    an eminent nose.

    Not to nitpick, but the correct word would be imminent.

    o.k., so I’m a grammar Nazi. One of my numerous shortcomings. 🙄

    1. LOL
      You are correct, “Grammar Nazi”. 😀
      I’m so brain dead, after the drive back, I didn’t even notice the title of the post (just saw the graphic).

      1. It’s like that damn mosquito that won’t let you get to sleep.

        You’ll have no peace of mind till it’s dead.

    2. Thank you, Hater;
      I am also a “Grammer Nazi”, and you saved me the time of posting this issue.
      Blessings to all, even the tewwibew nahtzees of gwammer!

  3. That’s way too convenient and happening way too often for coincidence, hard to understand and unexplainable. The word’s really not getting out there, too many attention getters and thought stealers along with the other mind manipulation tricks they’ve studied up the ying yang and know every nook and cranny for maximum mind warp and masterful distraction. “Never mind that cowpie in the closet, look at this shiny bead I got!” Obama’s mantra: You keep telling a lie until it’s reality. “I did not have sex with myself, I just had an itch!”

    Slickster supreme, Obama could sell you a Cadillac out of a station wagon, dung to the sewage plant, garbage to the collector, ice cubes to Eskimos, he reminds me of a greasy, sweaty used car salesman. “What can I do to shove this car down your throat today?” “Here, the job’s not done ’till the paperwork is finished, now, bend over and spread ’em.”

    Hillary is the most despised woman on the planet, our next President and what a future she has in mind for all of us. Please God, let me be at ground zero.

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