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  1. [VIDEO]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hNeWmLD-ng[/VIDEO]


    these are the old definition of Fascism and Communism from 1950 World Book Encyclopedia. this tells a lot on the militarization mindset, the control of the airwaves and education, the regulation of profits and business, the abolishing of private property and the holding of property in common for the collective, and the reasons we need perpetual war. in fact this definition explains a whole heck of a lot with what is happening in the US today..

    i posted this in a few other forums for people to compare with what is currently taught and available online. the snowflakes went into Chernobyl meltdown and the post ended up deleted.

  2. I think its more, alot more like these freaks love death and suffering. Green paper is the motivation and score card!!

  3. All of those tables have been pulled together now at the all-you-can-kill kosher buffet.

    And WE get stuck with the tab.

    Pictures really can say a thousand words.

  4. “And WE get stuck with the tab.”
    NO LESS………..

  5. 18 years ago it was the Neocon conservative Republicans …ie. William Krystal and the ilk…..now it’s the same ilk and they’ve flipped to liberal Democrats promoting war..Russia Russia Russia…What to do? What to do?….. Another war! Profiting all over again.
    Best researcher would be Antony Sutton…..No letter h…….plenty of him on youtube…..and the Pepsi 911 aluminum can….proving they play and profit from both sides. Crafty is the adjective…the money and bankers gets a heated debate.

  6. Hey where is the drug table…??

    I thought there was a war on drugz…?

    Plus they’re missing the “Stupidity”…table.

    It’s like the war on terrorism. ..

    You’ll never win the war against stupidity.

    I’m living proof.. !

    {Tokyo Rose}

    Give up Joe.

    You can’t win Joe.

    You’ve been defeated Joe.

    Now put down your weapons and surrender Joe.

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