Warriors Leading The Way ONCE AGAIN

HWA2aMany, if not most, are aware of my feelings about the way things are going for I post articles here, and elsewhere, along with what some would call, inflammatory comments. I don’t apologize for speaking out on what I see and believe. I never will. That’s just who I am. Will I shirk away from my Sacred Duty to our Republic, NEVER! That’s what this article is about, those who Never shirked away.

The greatest generation, who defeated the axis powers of WWII, is in battle once again and they shouldn’t have to be. They’ve earned their place in the sun, and now it’s being denied them in more ways than one and they’re not taking it any more…nor should they. What we’re witnessing is just this….MEN and WOMEN of that era are taking charge AGAIN by leading the charge against Tyranny and Oppression, not in some distant land, but right here at home.  

For them to have to do this, at this time in their life is shameful and sad, but not surprising, for you know they’ve sacrificed all they had way back then. Once is enough in my book. Therefore, for them to have to do it again, well, is shameful on all the other generations since then, for apparently there have been enough of these current generations that have shirked their responsibilities, which leaves those warriors of the past no other option but to step up to the plate, AGAIN.

Even at their ages, where many are only a step away from eternity, they’re willing to give to this Republic, once again ALL THEY HAVE. The selfless action on their part only galvanizes who they are and proves their metal, once again. These warriors are willingly and defiantly approaching THEIR memorials with HONOR. If the powers that be decide to impede them in any way…those powers will lose. These gallant warriors will be showing us the way, once again. Showing us that we needn’t fear DESPOTS and TYRANTS! They Don’t, why should we?

These Warriors are teaching us another lesson on Freedom. Current generations had better take NOTES, for this will be the last time that we will have an opportunity to learn from those who have Character, Honor, Determination, and Resolve, all the attributes that are needed in order to take care of business.

These Warriors are drawing a LINE, that line which separates us from Freedom and Slavery, the line that separates us from Brave Men and Cowards, that line which separates us from Our Constitution and the Communist Manifesto, the line which separates the Men and Women from the boys and the girls. Our Honorable Warriors of so long ago, have solidified my resolve to stand steadfast on the line of Righteousness, Freedom, and our Heritage, ever so much more now than previously.

When the creatures of Mordor decide to move in my direction, all they’ll receive is my contempt…and all that comes with it! I stand on my side of the Line that’s been drawn by Real American Heroes. With The Greatest Generation….NO MATTER WHAT! I fear NO MAN, for I’ve found life in Jesus Christ, and my freedom through my fellow warriors.

I encourage you to find your resolve, as I have, and place it on the line. For if you don’t, there won’t be a line to stand on….only a division of despair, which only separates one from slavery and death.

8 thoughts on “Warriors Leading The Way ONCE AGAIN

  1. I STAND on that side of the line with you, and all those who have stood for this republic before us. I,too, have eternal life with Jesus Christ, and I will most gladly enter His presence rather than lick boots here on earth.

  2. Well said Paraclete-

    Yes, we could learn a thing or two from our brothers who fought before us. They seem to be the first to stand up to the outhouse dwellers. We must start to do the same. Henry has been shouting these words for years now. Hopefully, any day now. We have our work cut out for us I’m afraid.

  3. They are talking about arresting them today if they try to cross the baracades. If they touch one of these guys, it may be time!

    1. Again, we see those brave Men and Women
      standing up to tyranny, giving a lesson which
      we’d all do well to learn.
      If the time arrives through these Men and Women
      It would only be poetic justice, for them to lead the
      way, ONCE AGAIN.
      Sadly, it should be US performing the task this time,
      not them.

  4. Excellent post, Paraclete!

    Despite my frequent profanity in the comments section (mainly because I’m just completely infuriated by everything and have been beaten down to the point that I cannot take it anymore), I’d like to think I’m a God fearing man with descent morals like yourself, who is also willing to step up to the line, so count me in, brother.

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