Water Shortage: Israeli policy leave Palestinian taps dry

Published on Jul 7, 2013 by RussiaToday

A lack of water could literally be a reason why it’s been so hard to dampen fiery relations between Israel and Palestine.Taps in the homes of Arab villagers in the West Bank run dry most of the time, as they complain Israel doesn’t satisfy even their minimum water needs. RT’s Paula Slier reports.

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5 thoughts on “Water Shortage: Israeli policy leave Palestinian taps dry

  1. I just can’t understand how a bunch of refugees (jews) can take full
    control of another peoples land. Palestine, now in part being called
    israel, is not a Holy Land but Stolen Land. Israel is controlling Palestinian
    water through military orders. That crappy illegal wall separates Palestinians
    from more than 30 of their groundwater wells. Everything that can be done is being done to deny the Palestinians of their water supplies. The occupiers
    are less than savages.

  2. In days gone by, before the UN became what it is now, wouldn’t this have been considered a crime? How can they get away with this?

    . . .

    1. What I understand, in the days before the Arabs were punished for what
      Hitler’s Germany did, Palestine was 30% Jewish and Arabs and the Jews
      all were harmonious. All the water rights designated by the UN Treaty
      for Palestine has been rerouted, contaminated, controlled by israel, stolen
      by israel, or under military guard. Israel uses 80% of the water while
      Palestine uses 15%. There are more Palestinians.
      What I don’t understand is how apartheid in SA is recognized and dealt with
      but not for Palestine which the atrocities are much worse.

      1. No mystery there, Leita. The Zionist AshkeNAZI so-called ‘jews’ don’t live in S. Africa.

        btw, the main reason Israhell wants Syria so badly is for their water. They have more of it than any other country in the M.E. More precious than gold.

        1. And why they keep attacking Lebanon.
          Israel wants to control the whole M.E.
          but they just can’t rid themselves of those pesky

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