We are One False Flag Away from Gun Confiscation

The communists are making it quite clear that they have no intention of diverting from their drive to disarm the American people.  The background check  legislation that was recently defeated in the Senate is still very much alive and needs only for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to step up to the podium and reintroduce it.

We all saw what happened in New York after the Sandy Hook false flag.  Cuomo and Bloomberg used the confusion to mount an infamous attack on our 2nd Article right, rushing gun legislation through, with zero input from the millions of New Yorkers it has affected.  And of course the new laws were put into effect immediately to get them entrenched before any backlash could occur.   

It has come to the point that as the election system in this country has been captured and is now controlled by the communists, they no longer care what their so called constituency thinks about their actions.  In short, we cannot vote them out as there is no vote, hence they only answer to themselves and their international communist co-conspirators.

Make no mistake, they do know our minds.  The communists know if they lose control, they are looking at the wrong end of a hemp rope with a noose tied in it.  Thus the dilemma in the Senate, where a faction exists that knows the communists’ agenda is doomed to failure.

The communists tell us that they will sway those in the Senate who oppose their dictate by changing the minds of the people, causing their enemies to be voted out of office.  This is a sham as the real threat is that they will remove their adversaries through the corrupt election system, which all know to be a reality.

I guess it has become our purpose now to make the would-be turncoats more afraid of trials and hemp ropes than they are of political corruption.  In short, better to lose your job than your life.

This being said, we are currently being threatened with a “new Newtown”.  The communists have come forward and announced that there is going to be another false flag and that they intend to push gun registration through directly in the aftermath thereof.

Time grows short so we must let our enemies know that no excuse, no matter how horrific, is going to be good enough to accommodate registration in preparation for gun confiscation, as we will see the two as one and the same.  We will not comply and if this is to be the issue that causes that shot to be fired, so be it.

We have set the enemy back on their heels a bit.  They will concentrate their effort and try again.  We are many.  They are few.  They cannot win and these traitors are going to answer for their crimes, each and every one of them.  Let them know we will be looking at their record when the time comes to pronounce sentence.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

66 thoughts on “We are One False Flag Away from Gun Confiscation

  1. And now they’re two thousand, hangin’ from the trees
    That don’t bother me, at all
    Two thousand, hangin’ from the trees
    That don’t bother me, at all


    1. Nope rhumstruck, that don`t bother me at all either. They could draw straws to see who gets to use the rope first. They will all get their chance . I got me one fine hanging tree just waiting to be used ya know rums. 🙂 .

    2. I offer this proposal,
      Lets turn Interstate 80 into America’s Appian Road! We will use gallows with very fine homegrown American hemp rope instead of crosses.
      I-80 spans the nation coast to coast and is the most geographically central road in the nation. After the war many will be unable to travel to DC or wherever for the festivities, so I suggest we bring the road show to a locale near them, Spread the wealth so to speak.
      Can I get a second?

        1. I would like to start off now by wishing everyone a “Happy Festivus Day” and may the “Wind Chimes” ring true to your heart!

          Oh, and.. Happy “American Gallows and Hemp Rope Day”, another new holiday that will be in the history books for ever. and remember the winners get to write history

    3. LNL & ready, here down South. Actually looking forward to ending this matter also. I have had more than enough of this living hell.

      I hear tons of ppl saying the same at shows, stores, meetings online etc.

      Seeing poison sprayed all over me all day from enemy planes, seeing enemy blackhawks flying lo n slow, intimidating us, over my town 1 x a week. Seeing the lying trash on TV. Knowing every GD thing I was “taught” about “history” was an F-ing LIE.

      Seeing my America hijacked by zion ists and their goyim collaborators. Seeing millions of Victims murdered by these rogue administrations since I was a kid. Seeing the complete subversion on my beloved Constitution.

      Seeing the same group of congressional vipers wearing suits for decades selling out what was once a great Land to the corporate and bankster insects.

      I’ve seen ENOUGH. Now I want to see it end. I want to see THEIR ends.

      Let’s just get it on…Please. I am very very ready, and I have not one ounce of fear, just immeasurable rage inside of me, waiting to explode, like so many millions of Patriots.

      Hear us enemy who patrol these boards?

      HEAR US????

      I am not kidding.

      1. JM, I feel the same way. We the people need to end this shit once and for all and take control of our own lives.

    4. Hey Rhums,What song is this? Henry jammed on some “zepplin” TWICE during the show yesterday and now OF COURSE I am gonna need about at least a wk. of nothing but led zep in my shop c d player.My wife got me a A Tech turntable that allows me to record all my old vinyl albums onto the putor then onto c d s and keep that great sound this “mp3” format blows me away 5 or 6 records on one C D its almost magical to an old dog LOL

      1. That is the song on that link @ 8:14 below. The first dosen`t have the greateat audio, the second link has very good audio but ya got to type in the link as you tube took it off, they are both the “Two Hangmen” song by Mason Proffit. The second link isn`t Mason Proffit playing it but it a real good rendition. The first link is Mason Proffit – the only time they played that song live in concert. Excellent song Steve. There are a lot of versions if ya do a search for the song.

        1. Hey thanx Digger ,I am a lover of music,Neil young pink floyd beatles zepplin ,have over 600 records mostly mint and am stuck in the 70s as far as my tastes go HOLD IT I forgot John Prine(last concert I saw in 1994 wow 20yrs gone by) but somehow “mason profit” slipped by but like I always say Ignorance can be cured with knowledge, thnx for a dose of cure. I left a link below that I found on the Mason profit page a damn fine oldie from my youth

      2. @Steve, off topic, but make sure you burn at 320 kbps, for the best sound quality. Takes about 50% more space than a128 kbps burn, but it is worth it. A 3 TB external drive is only $120 at Costco and will hold more music than you ever want + all your data.

        I am a Zep addict – was at the infamous Tampa concert June 3rd, 1977 when the riots broke out. It was like martial law with Zep. I was so stoned, it didn’t matter. [not any more though since 1979.]

        “We are eagles of one nest, The nest is in our soul.”

      3. Someone needs to start a band and call it “The False Flags.”

        They could walk out dressed up like Alice Cooper with all the gore show, but singing the Carpenters greatest hits. Then the audience will know it’s not really Alice.

        1. ROTFLMAO!
          But seriously, why are you picking on my pal Vinny? Years ago he gave me the best advice ever on copywrite on the cheap!
          It was in reference to song writing but applies all around with intellectual property. When you write something you want to protect, copy it and mail the notarized original to yourself. Never, never open it. If you wind up in court that’s when you present the envelope for the judge to open. The courts recognize the postal service as a legitimate govt entity and the postmarked envelope proves the date of authorship.
          You win!

          1. I forgot to mention they could open the cia-sponsored “False Flag” tour with cheney and rumsfeld coming out and telling some jokes, just to warm the imminently-deceived crowd up.

            Like: “Hey Sheeples, did ya hear the one about Saddam having WMD’s? We even got george to believe THAT one! HAHAHAHAHA!”

            Or maybe: “Q. What do you call 19 skinny guys with 1/2 inch razor blades on 4 [FAKE] jets? – A. 19 Muslim Oswalds – OMG HAHAHAHA”

            Even this zinger will have them rolling in the aisles:

            “Q. How do you convince 100 million flouride soaked people that the 3 WTC buildings just fell down at free fall speed, in 1/2 hour, into their own footprints because of 2 “jets hitting” them, for the 1st time in the history of steel structures? — Wellll – wait for it —- A. You put it on TV!!! — Stop it! You’re killing me!!!”

            Then at showtime the MC (Master of Chaos) maybe benji met-a-yahoo, rides out on a cruise missile and announces:

            “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome warmly: billy, george, barack and the False Flags!”

            As an incentive to get the sheeple to show up, the cia can offer free vaccines, microchips, and a case of the special “Jimmy Jones Guyana Gulp, now sold in gulags everywhere.”

            Sign me up.

            Anyone else in? We could car pool.

          2. Haha! JM, I absolutely love your idea! Now that’s creative thinking and that’s comedy. It could actually work. I’m pretty sure the MSM would even report on it or even try to demonize it, but it would be like a Ron Paul thing. It would only feed the grassroots to rebel more and to make the elite look even more stupid.

  2. Henry’s right. There will be another false flag attack, because they have no other choice. They have to disarm us, or they have to flee, because with every passing day more Americans wake up than during the previous day, because there are more people spreading the truth.

    I’m going out on a limb to make a prediction here: The next false flag may possibly involve mercenaries dressed as a Patriot militia because that will serve several propaganda needs at once, and may possibly result in more than just new gun laws. They have to act soon, and they have to act decisively because they’re running out of time with both the economy crashing, and the number of people who no longer believe the Zionist news. Be ready for it.

    1. Yea Jolly, I can see that or maybe another random snipper picking off people at say a state fair or maybe a political speach, a outdoor concert somewhere, ya know some soft target.Yep and they will probobly blame it on some veteran or somebody wacked out on some crazy drug or something like that.

    2. Of course there will be more false flag ‘events’.

      The target area will be a moderate to heavy liberal location.
      Liberals will scream how gun control (insert type of your choosing) would have and will prevent such a travesty.

      Conservative areas are seldom seen as target areas as the conservatives will go the other way, as usual, citing how they need more freedom to defend themselves from danger (including gov tyranny!).

      Godzilla could rise again and wipe out a coastal town and the libs would demans gun control as it would have prevented the disater – but this is now a surprise for this crowd.

      Gun sales and related items being sold in record numbers , increasing at breakneck speed evermore, are signs of people not wanting gun control, not believing the ‘official story’ & not willing to give in.

      People are concerned about what will happen when the dollor becomes worthless & then the ensuing problems.

      *Hyper inflation will be quick and deadly
      *Food (supplies of all sorts) shortages
      *Marshal Law
      *FEMA Gulags

      Concerned? Of course.
      Conspiracy prone nut case? Perhaps…

      Time will tell for those devoid of reason and logic. Am not much of a prepper, unfortunately cannot afford to do much aside from gain knowledge.

        1. Thanks for the info. JM. I used to know a lot about cheap and organic healthy living but things happened and now I have forgot – stolen memory ya know what I mean – senior moments I guess to put it nicely, eh, perhaps, but I don`t think so LOL, but wouldn`t supriswe me.


  4. And they are one massive gun confiscation attempt from a war they have never seen…

    I am telling you, the second they commit suicide by trying to grab the guns of at least 30,000,000 who will fight to the death if need be, like me, their lives come to an end.

    As JR said, they know they must do more false flags, or flee.

    Greedy genocidalists never know when to quit. They only start to get the picture as the black hood is lowered upon their filthy, putrid, quivering heads, as will be the case for likely 500,000 of them, a lot more than the 2,000 another commenter mentioned. Treason is widespread.

    1. Five hundred thousand does not fit the chorus. That was a paraphrase of a song by Mason Proffit called TWO HANGMEN.
      Of course you may be too young to remember the great old protest songs of the sixties and seventies. As relevant today as then! Plus I love listening to those old songs.

      1. Hi Rhum – OK I got it. Young? Thanks – wish I was. 60 and ready.

        I love the music when we had it in the 60’s and 70’s. CCR – Fortunate Son, Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth, and so many more. I can still remember Barry McGuire singing “Eve of Destruction.”

        We are there now. Their destruction, as Henry says, and yes the enemy sure as hell knows how this will end for them.

        1. So Old timers disease struck again! 🙂 🙂 Don’t worry, I suffer from that malady from time to time myself!

      2. Yep rhumstruck, like that song said back then even about hangin` side by side. Ya know we either hang together or alone. We all hang together because we all support one another and we all do not turn our backs on one another…. Yea rumstruck, that is one of my favorite songs from back in the day, ya never hear those songs any more. it has always reminded me of that hemp rope we all talk about and that song is about how the govt. took away our rights, and the govt. is still trying to “Shut our mouths”. Back in the 60`s it was like Love it or Leave it, now days it is like “Shut up and Put Up”. America is special because of our rights and freedoms and the govt. has slowly been takeing them away since the 60`s.

  5. Didn’t anyone else see steven spielberg acting in this boston bomb hoax? he was acting as an emt or something running along side of a gurney.
    Also, i’ve noticed they don’t post victims names on the news anymore. unless, of course, it’s one of their actors.
    Personally, I’m offended by “their” blatant “in our face” antics. especially since “they” are using the BIBLE as a screenplay.

    1. Hell yes, I saw him. Who does he think he is, Stephen King?
      Meanwhile, back at the ranch, insanity runs rampant.

      1. I had just finished a run (shine) when I saw him. I thought maybe I had drank a little too much and was seeing things. Guess not.

      2. I saw the dude also. I wonder if it was spielberg, or just a hell of a clone. If he was there, they would have done a 1,000% better on the production, like bringing plasma bags, gurneys, a different hex code for the “blood,” plus ET would have been brought in to be wounded, maybe had his weird little legs also “blown off.” That would have been more realistic than the mossad/cia hoax was.

        “ET blown home — ET blown home.”

    2. Yea how come they didn’t list the names of the victims? Oh yea, we can’t offend the families now, can we? When did that ever stop the MSM? It’s so blatant and in your face. All lies. ALL LIES!!!

  6. It turns out that there was NOT an “assault rifle” used at Sandy Hook.
    We already knew that since the “officials” refused to release any tapes of Lanza (or whoever shot those people that they say were killed) from Sandy Hook’s $300K security video system.
    That whole story was used to push bans, registrations & confiscations based upon a goddamned lie!
    Believe nothing from your TV, it’s only designed to manipulate your opinions via deception.

    1. All that was killed at sandy hoax was the usual Victim, the truth. The weapon was mossads’ fave: deception by the zion ist media. Scores of millions of us know it was a total hoax.

      After the Boston hoax, many millions of ppl who are in the medical business were positively awakened after seeing the impossibility of the [fake] “amputee” in the wheel chair, who NEVER would have been parked in a wheelchair with dual femoral severance. NO WAY!

      Try a gurney, multiple units of plasma and the 23rd psalm, as he would be easily been dead from losing 4 + liters of blood in under 120 seconds after any real blast that would have caused any REAL injuries of that magnitude.

      Anyone who ever took even a Red Cross 1st aid class knows the Boston matter was a BIG lie, and now they realize so were all the other obvious hoaxes: sandy hoax/aurora/giffords-tuscon/VA tech, Paducah HS etc.

      They are really F-ing up bad, since they are soooo desperate.

      With the enemies’ little hoax-a-thon, this is the end game and they know it.

  7. The way this Monkey King & his Troupe are going, they don’t need a “False Flag”. Promise the local LEO a big bloated Federal Grant, they’ll be happy to run a MRAP through your living room & kill you & your own while you “Sh!t in Place”.

    1. Speak for yourself and buy some diapers dude – you almost sound like a troll – here to create the ludicrous ILLUSION that the scores of millions of us LNL Patriots do not stand a chance. Wrong site 4 that.

      They better have one helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll of a lot of MRAPS for scores of millions of living rooms. How do MRAPS do with napalm or even just a lil’ petro on them? Don’t they need fuel from supply lines? Don’t they come out to eat?

      Don’t THEY have families also? Like we are just gonna be sittin home….naw – we’ll be VERY busy.

      1. You sound more like a shill for thug LEO. I suspected that when you used the baiting tactic of off-topic references & accusations with no facts. You can go collect your paycheck from your Zioturd handlers.

        1. What’s with you guys, are you getting desperate for a troll?
          We are all on the same side here…….I think.
          We outnumber our enemies thousands to one and we are going to kick their asses. And oh yes, they are going to try to intimidate us via brute force, but all they are going to accomplish is to unite us in our cause.
          At least make the smallest attempt to get along before attacking each other and don’t be so quick to call someone a troll or a shill, a little conversation first instead of just taking issue with a portion of a comment.
          Trolls are not allowed on this site and are removed when revealed but they are getting harder to spot as the standard for accusation seems to be diminishing.
          The idea is to unite our people, so talk with someone a little while before condemning them.
          I am not just talking to JM and Bent Spear here, we have a lot of new people coming in. To them I would say, you would do well to get to know the people already here. To the rest of you I would say, everybody does not think exactly the same.
          We will pick the trolls out but we cannot condemn somebody for a single statement we disagree with, otherwise we start entering the realm of absolutism without debate.

          1. Hey All,I may be the guiltiest of lashing out at what I perceive to be false/troll posts but sincerly try to keep response directed at the subject instead of the messenger,and am as guilty as any of missing my mark.So lets kiss and make up, concentrate on today and tommorrow as the force we are and the eveeeeel we oppose and listen to this fine song by Dave mason who was on the same u tube link provided by Digger in reference to Rhums lyrics.Thanx guys.

          2. @9:53 By the way Steve,the link that youtube took off was the thumbnail at the top of that Dave mason song collum. Yep on that video they hang the two singers which is probobly why youtube took it off maybe. That version was up last night though.

          3. Digger at10:07 I was just sitting here reading the words/news of the world and you DIGGER took me to that page where I found my old friend Dave so actually all CREDIT GOES TO YOU and Rhums who brought it up LOL

          4. @10 :27, Well thankyou Steve and I know that that good guy rhumstruck appreciates your compliment too. 🙂 🙂 for both me and rhums.

          5. Henry, thanks for keeping the peace between these bros.. It’s obvious they have the same end in mind-

          6. Exactly, Henry. If we start accusing everyone of being a troll, we become the same people we are fighting against. A little time and trust goes a long way.

        2. Hey Bent, I withdraw my troll suggestion. You do see a LOT of them on every board suggesting defeat for us, a standard disinfo ploy. Anyone who uses the term “zioturd” is on my side. BTW I am no kind of leo anything, just a Patriot.

          1. I’ve spent time getting my azz hammered in interrorigation by Feebs & it wasn’t just for a few hours. Lost most of what I had due to my convictions & Oath to the Constitution of the United States because of misplaced trust & blindness. I did all this not for myself, but for the future of this Republic. I live these convictions daily by doing hands on teaching to others, not by key board commando ops.

            Every Patriot out there should be positioned so that if he falls in the battle for Freedom there should be 2 other Patriots, he has taught, take his place.

            If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it sure ain’t no turkey.

            The most horrific damage I’ve ever seen done is when people remain silent & do nothing.

            Enough soap boxing. Good luck, good bowling.


      2. Jm or any that know,As the resident “slow child” could you explain to me what the LNL means.

          1. Hey Rhums,Oh for the Original point and click interface,hope talk will turn to action/defense of life and property. I told ya I was slow to damn many letter codes now days,I may have failed to mention that I have never had a “cell phone” and all that twitting stuff is more like a foreign language to me,I feel so alone/liberated but am refusing their “technology until I get my jet pack and electricty thats too CHEAP TO PUT A METER ON(thats what deadly nuke power will mean),How many on this site remember that load of crap shoveled to us in our youth,when all they come up with year after year is expensive stupid assed cellphones and call it technology.H A HA ha

        1. “Locked N Loaded,” as we say down here in the South.

          @Bent, if I was in front of you, I’d shake your hand. “The most horrific damage I’ve ever seen done is when people remain silent & do nothing.”

          I do the same Friend. I tell strangers every day about the truth. I wrote a 7 page letter to send to all who will listen, which covers the most basic points of the hijacking of America, going back 100 + years.

          Took me a few hundred hours to collect, verify and assemble the info. It is essentially a primer for those just awakening, with real intel, links to REAL sites like FTT, web security tips like using TOR etc, and links to prepping stuff like how to feed a family of 4 for a year on $300 etc. It blows the false flags/hoaxes to smithereens, all backed by irrefutable facts and lots of links.

          I do it for the same reasons you do; my Country, my People, my Constitution.

          1. JM
            This is as fine a forum as any to GET THE WORD OUT now I cant speak for any but myself but if you have what you say compiled why not benefit us all right here at the trenches.Thousands of views maybe TRILLIONS(maybe not trillions yet but it is a pretty common # now days) by now visit this site and are like vacumns for new ammo(TRUTH) against the PTPTB(Powers That Pretend To Be) .

          2. JM, thank you for your efforts getting the word out. I know it’s time consuming and hard to decipher the truth in anything written after WWII.

    1. JM Kashmir right back at ya, thanx for the graffiti ,theres just never enough led zep in the world.Yes by all means rush that thing to Henry

      All I see turns to brown, as the sun burns the ground
      And my eyes fill with sand, as I scan this wasted land
      Trying to find, trying to find where I’ve been.


  8. In the immortal words of Rodney King…………

    “Can’t we all just get along?” 🙂

    Good article, Henry! Dead on, as usual.

  9. I concur with Henry’s statement. We need everyone that supports our cause and we will not always agree on things. I’ll take heed Henry.

    1. Yep. Not always agreeing on everything is what makes us individuals and unique human beings and also FREE AMERICANS. It’s called Freedom of Speech. If we all agreed and became a collective, then we risk becoming the very thing we are fighting against.

      1. Hey NC, just got off the phone with digger and saw your comment. I agree with doing our best to get along during this struggle and to focus our attention to the tasks that lay in the path of our goals. Keep speaking truth to power! They can’t handle the truth!

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