7 thoughts on “Weatherman – Chemtrails Caused By Military

    1. Oh good … glad to hear he’s still “with us”.

      I was actually watching a different video, when I notice this one come up in the list to the right of the video I was watching, so naturally had to investigate. “What a find” … I thought.
      . . .

  1. Good catch Cathleen. Have you ever heard of Scott Stevens who hosts a website called weatherwars.info? http://weatherwarsinfo.blogspot.com/

    He was a tv weatherman who quit his job on air over the chemtrails. He may have been in Idaho, but since moved to Colorado. Looking at his blog, it does not seem that he has kept up with it, but further research will find the actual video where he quit on air.

    I have not kept up with him in years, but he was an advocate of chemtrail spraying in the US, and the first person that I found back in the early 2000’s that really talked about it.

    Thanks for posting this.

    1. You’re welcome Deb. No, I’ve not heard of him, but will do some further research. Thanks for letting me know.
      . . .

  2. I knew there were reasons why I like US Marines. Real Americans. Shoot straight and speak the truth.

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