WEF Puppet Trudeau Says Restrictions & Mandates Will Be Reimposed In Canada This Fall & Winter If A 90% 3x Vaccine Compliance Target Is Not Met

Substack – by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

The Canadian Manchurian Candidate PM, whose science background starts and ends with his previous profession as substitute drama teacher, is now threatening PSYOP-22 lockdowns; to wit: 


This psychopath that ordered millions of DEATHVAX™ boosters that he needs to inject into as many duped Canadians’ arms as possible for the waning Great Reset depopulation and control program must be stopped at all costs.

Where in the Canadian Constitution does it give anyone in government the right to not just force EUA (yes, there will forever be an “emergency”) experimental eugenics injections, but any medical procedure whatsoever?

There is no possible way that endogenous production of cytotoxic spike proteins could ever confer immunity or attenuation of symptoms. This is clearly a slow kill bioweapon and nothing more.

As such, the Canadian government and all of the other governments pushing these injections are wholly illegitimate, and thus criminal.

These WEF and UN puppets must all be indicted and prosecuted. Each and every one of them.

Offer 100% nonviolent noncompliance.

Do NOT comply.


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