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It had been in the 20s for over 36 hours here. This hasn’t happened in over 30 years. All of the interstates in south Louisiana have been closed for over 24 hours. My son drives a truck for a living and has been sitting on the edge of I-10 since 4AM waiting for the thaw. This may not look bad for northern standards, but there are no salt/sand trucks here. All bridges are frozen. There have been over 200 wrecks since yesterday in south Louisiana alone.




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  1. BRRRR! We are not used to this cold weather! I am a spoiled southern girl! Bulldog is trying to defrost his truck, it has been 30 minutes, it’s still frozen, we don’t own an ice scraper, he is using a puddy knife!! Marie is the name of the Basset Hound and Sasha is the German Shepherd, those are 2 of our dogs that are going through heartworm treatment right now.

    We are getting ready to do another video, I think I am going to do Potato Bark.

    1. Well now then 😆 , Hi ya Marine and Sasha 😉 . Missy and Bulldog 😉 , I used to use those old credit cards for a scrapper. LOL. Stay warm and safe you two 😎

    2. hmmm…..my girlfriend had a German Shepherd whose mother was named “Sasha.” It’s probably a coincidence, but if you’re a breeder, it might not be. (We were in Northern Ohio at the time)

      1. We don’t breed. We got her here in South Louisiana. She is a big baby around us, but she loses her mind when someone comes around without me or Bulldog being there. She is always on duty.

  2. Aw heck, just wait for the nonexistent global warming to kick in! You all will be fine, just ask old Al Gore! If it is hot, it’s global warming, if it’s cold it’s global warming,if it’s dry, rainy, or ANY kind of weather, it’s global warming! You can’t miss with that “science”.

    1. So how is that weather in Az. RickE. Looking at that land down there. Anything to get away from this bitter cold cheese head country. Naw, first I have got to sell my place. 🙂

      1. Hi Dan, it’s been in the teens at night, and in the low 60s in the daytime. No snow yet this season.
        Cheesehead? Hey I was born and raised in northern Illinois. I don’t miss it one bit, lol.

  3. I guess the cold and ice are a real problem if you’re not used to it. I’m actually happier when everything stays frozen, because any temperature above 32 F makes a mess here, and the spring thaw is a nightmare of mud.

  4. This is normal for us in the northlands of New England,I actually would look forward to the high 20’s weatherwise!Eh well,just grab another armload of wood for the stove and keep splitting though have plenty already for next year never hurts to have some more,neighbors burner dropped dead and they were very happy to fire up their old wood stove with some donated wood from me,they are now going to get going themselves on wood gathering which I believe is a good thing.

  5. My son just called. He is still sitting on the interstate waiting for the road to open. Some people walked to the store and bought a crap load of hotdogs and water and are walking up and down the interstate giving everyone chili dogs and water. Most of the people have been there since 10PM last night he said.

      1. Paul,have yet to try that chain trick with splitting wood,with blizzards and all been a bit busy but will still give it a shot and report results whether good or bad.

    1. Bulldog,hope those folks have some direction from govt.,I just don’t see how folks can just help out others without govt. direction!Hell,things like that keep up we might find out that the only thing we need from govt. is to stop stealing from us!My neighbors have chickens ect.and have always helped me with free eggs so was nice to be able to give em a hand when needed.Nice to see that same attitude in your neck of the woods,actions like that give me a little faith in humanity.

      1. James,
        Yeah we better be careful, FEMA doesnt like competition. Most of the folks down here don’t like government help when it comes to stuff like this. (except New Orleans) Every time the gov tries to help it causes more harm than good.

  6. Kinda reminds me of that “freak” ice storm that hit us last month in Dallas, TX and Oklahoma in which the roads were sheets of ice and no salt trucks were available and the bridges between the two states were closed off due to the weather and countless truck accidents. Took almost a week to thaw.

    This weather is not normal down here and the only way to explain it is, HAARP!

    Good luck, Bulldog. So far here in Dallas, the weather is kinda warm, but yesterday it was freezing. Hopefully the ice in your parts will thaw out quickly.

  7. here in michigan it’s been 10 or below. mostly around 1ish. people even here forget somehow every snow how to drive. tons of accidents.

  8. Here in Idaho (Boise Area) where we normally get snow we haven’t gotten much, in fact our snow pack is so thin that they are already talking of water rationing for this coming summer.

    also the last week we have had nearly constant freezing fog covering everything with ice.
    (Very Unusual)

    that said it just so happens that we are getting chemtrailled to death this winter as well .

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