Welp, France Just Signed Off on Cyborg Soldiers

Popular Mechanics – by Kyle Mizokami

A French military bioethics panel has cleared the development of technological upgrades for members of the armed forces. The panel says the French Armed Forces may develop and deploy technological augments in order to preserve the French military’s “operational superiority.”

The news comes after U.S. intelligence officials announced China is conducting biological experiments to enhance the performance of People’s Liberation Army troops.

The panel has given permission for the French military to develop and deploy enhancements, that, according to CNN, improve the “physical, cognitive, perceptive and psychological capacities” of its soldiers. It could also develop “medical treatments to prevent pain, stress and fatigue, and substances that would improve mental resilience if a soldier were taken prisoner.”

Read the rest here: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a34945348/france-approves-bionic-soldiers/

One thought on “Welp, France Just Signed Off on Cyborg Soldiers

  1. Gee….what could go wrong? SMH


    I’m guessing in another 100 years, we are going to have students in class say, “I wonder what it was like to be a purebred human”.

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