10 thoughts on “For all of you that went out and Voted for the new King Trump

  1. Donald Trump’s – National Fascist Party (NFP):

    “Here you go stupid Americans,… time to receive your reward for voting for Herr trump,… or,.. for voting at all!!!”

    American People:

    “OUCH!!,… OUCH!!!!,… OUCH!!!!,.. OUCH!!!!,.. OUCH!!!!!,…. OUCH!!!!,… OUCH!!!!,…. OUCH!!!!!,…. OUCH!!!!…. ”


    “Oh yeah,… and were going to keep James Commey as FBI Director too!!!!”


    “Now that hurts more than our voting “reward”!!!”

    JD – US Marines – Well,.. anyone that voted,… just got what they paid for.


  2. I would imagine if NOBODY voted, they’d lie and say people voted, and continue on as usual being the criminals they are. Maybe, we’d actually being rounding them up if NOBODY voted. Game over!

  3. And who did you fine people vote for? Oh, that’s right, you didn’t vote at all.
    So I guess that gives you the right to bitch and moan…like sissy liberals.

    1. Correct, it does give me the right to piss and moan, but you lost all right to do the same because you endorsed, by way of your vote, all that Trump does.

    2. YOU didn’t vote but you DID support a sham election in a rigged communist propaganda event. Those who believe they vote support the illusion of an infiltrated govt and keep promulgating the lie and prevent anything from ever being done. If you “voted”, you can’t bitch, because you’re a traitor who supported nothing but a commie joo run regime. You have the right to a common law trial and whatever sentence comes with treason.

    3. When you vote it implies that you agree with whatever said politician does. Also to vote every four years expecting change is insane. Why would you broadcast that? Are you ok with our soldiers RAPING children tp make their parents talk? When you vote you imply that you are ok with it….regardless of whether you know it or not. So before you chastise us for not doing our duty…..shut the f*ck up.

  4. So far, Trump has shown positive action you never would have had with the alternates. Will see if he can maintain momentum. I will be most impressed if the Fed is audited (not holding my breath). Hopefully, he will come to understand the evil behind Zionism (again, not holding my breath).

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