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  1. I buy it.. sounds just as plausible as mossad loading up a ton of paperwork from an abandoned warehouse in iran and then driving back to israel through some of the most militarized area in the middle east. isreal must have some of them stealth hover trucks, that i have never heard of…. clever people them jews…..

  2. I don’t buy any blame the Iranians excuse, This Anon is just speculating like all the other followers of the Q brigade. I will admit shit is happening behind the scenes but for the good of whom is yet to be seen. Israel is laughable as everyone knows watching that piece of shit NUT an a YAHOO saying Iran is lying, pleaaaaase! EVERYONE with two functioning brain synapses knows Israel is a lying ,murderous,scheming tyrannical regime not to be trusted, and since Trump is in bed with them, I can not and will not trust Trump or his Q crumbs. If Trump shocks and awes Iran,It is game over, It will be his worst and last mistake he ever makes.

  3. Q Anon, eh? I’d lump Q Anon in with Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, William Mount, the late Christopher Story, Shep Ambellas, Lisa Haven, Dahboo 7 and others who, as with a broken clock, are right twice a day and wrong the rest of the time.

    As for the final paragraph talking about the insane elites in bunkers–while they are in their bunkers, they can watch (assuming they have gas-fueled generators and plenty of gas) the 1960 movie “World Without End” to find out living in bunkers won’t matter anyway…at some point, they will go stir crazy…

  4. Once again American blood will spill by deception…..This time Americans dying for Israel who will claim whatever necessary to get out of a jam – in that hole called the middle east…which really is all of North Africa too.

  5. there was talk about the time obama got in, maybe just before, where there was some stupid talk about iran trying to buy uranium from venezuala or someplace in central america. upon further investigation, i found out that iran has vast deposits of uranium in the ground there. so no need for them to be “inquiring” about buying it elsewhere.

    the only thing to be sure of right now, is that there are many planted stories everywhere and we don’t know which ones are on and which ones are not. but definitely something is afoot in regards to persia at the moment.

    also, just to refresh my memory about uranium in iran, i did a quick search and found this story about a huge deposit found just after the deal was made with obama……


    1. “the only thing to be sure of right now, is that there are” three nations without a Rothschild controlled central bank: NK, Syria and Iran, the other have been toppled by the US over the past several years.

  6. So Isis and the migration to Europe were distractions for Iran to build a nuke on the low huh? It’s funny, no mention here of the known and well orchestrated oded yinon plan. You know, the one to foster sectarian violence to destabilize the middle east (Isis, al qaeda, etc.) No mention that the money supposedly given to Iran is their money that was frozen years ago in American banks. No mention of the jewish clash of civilizations plan between Muslims and the West (migration). Why Qanon? Or should i just call it Q zion? Ive stressed many times, know your enemy. Learn them and their plans and tactics. And of course don’t forget the mossad motto, by way of deception thou shalt make war.

  7. we were lied to about Iran
    we were lied to about WMD’s
    we were lied to about 9/11

    we are always lied to by our own government , and our own government has put us all in harms way, many times for their sick agenda, people have even died because of these tactics … this scenario has merit in the ways of the Deep State and their agenda

    I wouldnt put any of this past these sick Fcks , and none of you should either

    just because all the planets dont line up for this , still doesnt make it not possible

    in their eyes this would just be another agenda driven FF … so what if 30,000 people or more died .. or 30 million ,, they dont give a shit …

  8. Bottom line… Iran is a sovereign nation.

    If they want to build nukes, NOBODY has ANY right to tell them they can’t.

    1. Point taken, but I have the right to call whomever I please whatever I want, anytime I want.
      As do we all.

      1. The truth of the matter is that I don’t believe for a second they want to build any nukes.

        They know damn well how many Israhell already has, and they know just as well that the bast@rds are insane enough to let them fly… the Samson Option. It’s a no-win situation for them – damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

  9. Ridiculous. If HRC & company were going to nuke USA and blame the Russians, why on Earth would they involve Iran in the plot?

    Sounds to me like someone’s trying to steer attention away from the MOSSAD, who would be the prime suspects in such an event.

  10. Looking at a map, Iran is necessary for construction of a pipeline to the Caspian.
    I’m sure that Killery is neck-deep in this somehow. Iran is a sovereign nation and should be able to do whatever it pleases, so why are we on this bandwagon from 1953 all over again? Because the jew bastards command it!

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