What Did Rand Paul Gain?

The Daily Bell  Mitt Romney has picked the youthful warmonger Paul Ryan to be his running mate.

From my point of view, this leaves the junior senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, standing near the altar like a jilted bridesmaid. Not a very pretty picture.

And now what has Rand Paul got?

I’ll tell you in four words at the end of this article.

No peeking.

First, the bigger picture … So far Rand’s gamble – endorsing Romney – doesn’t seem to be paying off. And there may be a salutary lesson in this.

It is late in the day.

The power elite that wants to run the world is more ruthless than ever. Panicked by the Internet and the exposure of the globalist conspiracy, they have launched half a dozen wars and kicked off a worldwide economic depression.

If they cannot run the world, they seem to be saying, no one else shall have it either. Like children, they clutch the Earth’s big blue ball to their collective chest.

Only they are not children. They control the world’s central banks, the world’s nuclear arsenal and are collectively worth trillions. And they are furious.

They don’t like to be challenged, apparently, not fundamentally, as the Internet has done.

What we call the Internet Reformation has exposed their plans and shown quite clearly the length and breadth of the directed history they’ve practiced while snickering behind their long, gilded sleeve.

Rand Paul can promise to serve them. But it is, as I said, late in the game. Their arrogance is rising along with their fear. And thus, they treat their servants more carelessly than ever. They are discarding the useless ones feverishly.

They are preparing to jettison a whole shelf-load of bankers, for instance – accusing them of corruption in order to pass more laws that will further tighten their grip over the world’s financial commerce. These elites RUN government. When laws are passed, they inevitably benefit.

Their servants, former masters of the universe, are just now starting to understand what it means to work for Money Power … and how quickly the dynastic families worth trillions will slough off mere billionaires if it suits their purposes.

Rand Paul is getting that treatment now. Perhaps he insufficiently understood their ruthlessness and desperation.

Did he really believe at this late date that he – a mere mortal – could horse-trade with the gods? Once they saw how angry he’d made his base with the Romney endorsement, they no doubt cast him aside.

Perhaps Rand Paul didn’t know … or doesn’t understand. Their promises are worthless. He is less than human to them, a two-bit player in the carny act of regulatory democracy.

What does Rand have now?

There is the nebulous promise of speech-ifying at the GOP Convention, but no specifics announced yet.

And, really, at this point, who will be watching the convention?

Nobody much likes Mitt Romney that I can tell, even his supporters. They say things like, “I will gladly pull the lever for Mitt Romney to get rid of the socialist Obama.”

They’re not excited about Romney, you see … just excited about ridding themselves of someone else.

“Savvy” observers counseled that Rand Paul had made his endorsement to “play the game” – with the idea that you have to show the powers-that-be that you are willing to accept the current reality before you are allowed to change it.

These observers speculated that Rand Paul was in the running for the vice presidential nomination. They also surmised that Rand Paul’s endorsement might have won him a center-stage speech slot at the upcoming convention. Maybe even his dad might be given a slot as a result.

But so far, it doesn’t look like it.

US News recently pointed out that Ron Paul “suffered a setback in his effort to have a major impact on the Republican National Convention” when the Republican National Committee declined to recognize a slate of Paul delegates from Louisiana.

Much thoughtfulness there, eh? Meanwhile, there is no news about Ron Paul addressing the convention. The leading constitutionalist politician of his era will not even speak at his “last hurrah.”

And if Rand does, I doubt he’ll get center stage. I doubt in the long run it will mean anything at all.

He can’t bring the young people with him to vote for Romney because the young people have delved deep into the Internet and discovered the con. The wars are a con, the economy is a con … even their future is a kind of con.

Are they supposed to vote for this media airbrushed personality, this second-rate financial thug whose supporters literally beat Ron Paul supporters like a collective drum in order to satisfy … what? Rand Paul’s measured, calculated massaging of the GOP ego?

It is late in the day for Ron Paul supporters as well. And there are tens of millions of them. They could have been Rand’s.

And ironically, if he hadn’t decided to be a little too smart, he could have “taken them with him.” If he hadn’t compromised, if he’d stood up to the pressure and the powers-that-be, he’d actually have come closer to achieving his goal.

What’s clear is that Rand Paul DOESN’T control his father’s base. One only needs to read the Internet to see that. If they perceived of him as they do his Daddy, then they WOULD be his.

And he would be stronger rather than weaker.

Because ALL they respect is strength. Rand Paul may have thought by portraying himself as a more reasonable man than his father, he’d ingratiate himself and receive cooperation and kudos. (And eventually more power.)

But ironically, he HAD the power … millions, young and old, who were willing to donate for him, campaign for him, literally bleed for him.

All he had to do was say “no” to the established interests.

But he thought he was just a bit smarter than those around him. He apparently figured he’d play the game and keep his base, anyway. Instead, they’re casting him off.

So again, I ask, what has he got?

A taste like ashes.

11 thoughts on “What Did Rand Paul Gain?

  1. That parasitic piece of tripe deserves to be prosecuted along with the rest of the criminals in Washington DC!

  2. My first comment when I heard that Rand had endorsed Romney was “He (Rand) will never manage to even be elected dogcatcher from now on.”

    My speculation though was that Rand was blackmailed into the betrayal.

  3. You hit the nail like a seasoned carpenter…my 18 year old Ron Paul t-shirt wearing, freedom loving eyes have lost focus on the future since that day.
    Give Ron his time! Let the real Americans voice be heard.

  4. I think the problem is much more cerebral.

    Rand Paul fundamentally dismisses the glacial evidence of crimes, corruption and evil that effects all of us as mere conspiracy theory.

    In the end, he does not have the guts nor the brains to recognize that the fiat banking empire is more than just a bunch of bad apples; that government, which regularly lies to the people, is a wholly owned and operated subsidiary of the banking empire, and that the masters of the universe have an unnatural attachment and fondness to the usurper state of Israel.

    In Rand Paul’s world our problems can be fixed through reasoned argument, debate and compromise.

    In that sense, he is a buffoon, who does not see the disaster that awaits us.

    The fact that Rand Paul never challenged the myths surrounding 9-11 speaks volumes about his abilities as a populist, a champion of freedom, a defender of truth and and a natural leader.

    He neither has the stomach nor the brains for a real fight. However, in his defense, he is probably no different that 95% of the planet. If Ron Pauls followers ever switched to Rand, they would ultimately deserve each other.

    The movement does not require false idols and supposed champions.
    We are the leadership. We will make the change. We do not need to wait.
    Our great great grandchildren are depending on us.

  5. It’s quite simple, most true Ron Paul supporters and people who think like him know that “Rand ain’t no Ron”. He is better than most politicians, but that isn’t saying much.

  6. One does his best to look like the guy on the underwear packages at Walmart and the other one seems dedicated to getting revenge on the world that stuffed his head in the toilet back in fourth grade. This is the GOP’s best? Where is that Dr. Ron Paul fellow? He seems methodical and educated. His son Rand Paul acts as easily bought as a small bag of groceries.

  7. I like to think he threw the dice and lost. VP would be better than complete loss to a corrupt and malicious GOP. It’s no coincidence Mitt for Brains’ choice is also named Paul. You tried Rand. Wish it would have worked.

  8. Taste of ashes? Sorry to say–you are to nice to the nerd. Only reason he is in politicks is because of his dad’s coat tails. Before his support for Rodney Dangerfield he made another boo-boo. Which should have been a warning to all supporters
    Geek or nerd or better wimp you pick–
    I say all the above :^(
    Note: something has to be really wrong when there is only one senseable minded politician Ron Paul,amoungest of dangerous OZionist cult members
    I also had reservations about Ron Paul when he kept blaming the Arabs for 911 attacks–unless he considers Joos as semites—then me sorry for the thought

  9. Personally , I thought the author was going to get a little spicier with his last four words . Something to the effect ” He just got bleeped “.

    That’s what happens when you play with fire Rand , you get BURNED !

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