What Happened to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?

The looming fiscal cliff, Obama playing politics with the economy and showing anti-Israel tendencies in opposing strengthening sanctions on Iran, gun control, stimulus, deficit, debt, what are we missing here?  Come on, everyone knows.  The number one issue in the United States…..jobs.  And we will not hear any more about jobs until the next election, which we are never going to make it to because our economy is going to crash right along with the dollar.

How stupid do these international soviet socialists think we are?  I’ll tell you a little something about jobs.  There are less every day as what is left of our industry continues to move to other countries.  What jobs are left are paying less every day as the American standard of living disintegrates and American workers are replaced with peasants from the third world.

The new jobless claims this week came in at 393,000 and this was reported as a good thing as it represented a decline of 23,000 from the week before.  Said calculation evidently made before the previous week had been revised up from 410,000 to 416,000?  The week before that there were 451,000 new jobless claims.  And don’t forget we just went through the harvest and are headed into the Christmas season.  By the time this week’s figures are revised up next week, it will be three weeks at over 400,000 new jobless claims during the busiest time of the year.

It has reached the point that either you are insulted by these lies or you are one of the institutionalized zombies walking around like Orwell’s Winston with the screen forming your reality, second by second.  If you are of the latter, I tell you, you are about to be harshly slapped back into reality.

The international corporate mafia wants the rest of the jobs, the rest of the pensions, the rest of the savings accounts, and private property.  How long are we going to allow this theft via the status quo to continue?  No doubt, right up until the dollar crashes and the entire world is plunged into a depression that only a third world war with billions killed can alleviate.

Food for thought.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “What Happened to Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?

  1. No apologies for the people who voted this grifter back in as POTUS and the cartel of criminals he calls “Administration”. The PEOPLE spoke, so they deserve every stroke as they get screwed. Rampant, brainless stupidity is no excuse when the day of nut cutting arrives.

  2. Soon we will all be Palestinians living in a prison hell hole of complete surveillance and grateful for scraps from the scum of the earth zionist table.

    All evil is now smugly at the top of society passing fascist after fascist law to impoverish the working middle class, take their jobs and transfer all wealth to the oligarchs, corporate zion and their banks. More people now are receiving government welfare than there are people working.

    Unless the police will protect the people and isolate the vermin ruining humanity so that the constitution can be restored we are heading where Palestine is. For 60 years they have been robbed, imprisoned and denied all human rights, would anyone like to bet that the next 60 years for them will be even worse.

    Coming soon to you, your children, your grandchildren.

    1. That would be a sucker bet.

      We don’t have six years left, let alone sixty, before the SHTF.

      Less than six months wouldn’t be a bad estimate either.

  3. There are 127 million people in the US dependent on government welfare. This is against a full-time working population of 115 million people. So there are 115 million people working full-time and 127 million depending on the government.

    With quantitative counterfeiting without limit to help pay the governments obligations the system is designed to self destruct.

    Progressive for the thieving oligarchs, zion corporations and their banks, for everyone else there is austerity.

  4. I say, everyone stop using the government currency and start bartering or trading with something else. Even something more practical than gold or silver to screw the elite. They think they have their wealth covered and transferred when the crash hits. Well, I say, we all should just say who cares about gold and silver and then maybe their wealth will be worthless and everyone else can try to be rich with other things, while they suffer in their gold and silver that nobody needs or wants. I know I may sound a little crazy, a little radical or a little utopian here, but just think about it. Wouldn’t it be great? It would be the ultimate screw you, to the elite.

    In the end, we need multiple ways of bartering and trading other than money or gold because if we don’t, it will only lead the people in the future back to where we are now.

    1. Ya know what NC, that is exactly what me and my people around here say!! We should all just quit our jobs and stop paying taxes and all and start living like we all started out to be if the PTB are going to act like they are, and they will not be living off everyones paycheck like them pos f`ers have been doing for so many years while lieing to us all.

      1. Exactly! See, you understand what I’m sayin’, Digs. Screw the elite.

        Remember: They need OUR help. We don’t need THEIR help. So screw them!

        1. DAMNED RIGHT NC, I did my time and payed my price for keepin` my dumnb assed mouth shut, but now the time has come to a head, and around here with my freinds and people are done with their BS. simple as that. FOR OR AGAINST and that is all I got to say. I have nothing to prove just only what I got to show!!!!!!!!!

  5. In relation to the article, I too, haven’t seen any reports on jobs, jobs, jobs or unemployment. Imagine that. Why does that not surprise me?

  6. Comrades the glorious collective paradise is just around the next five year plan. Chicago Jesus will lead us to glorious times. Work and jobs are obsolete in a cargo cult utopia. Pimp sugar daddy gov will deliver all the goodies for free!

  7. What happened?

    Heck, lets get fundamental. David Ricardo wrote the book on free trade. Well, finished Adam Smith’s work. You don’t move your means of production overseas and you do not “free trade” with other countries unless there is full employment. This was known 200 years ago. The traitors in our government and boardrooms count on sheep not knowing this.

    Learn it. Spread it. Piss some people off if it is not too late. (but it is)

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