8 thoughts on “What Really Happened to John Kerry’s Face….

  1. Kerrys’ face is just catching up with his moon shaped ass…….Expose the CIA & Evergreen Air chemtrails…….Support the Trucker Drive & Strike on DC Oct. 11, 12, & 13…….Continue to fight for Liberty, Freedom, Justice & Truth

  2. Kerry’s face has been stuck up Hillary’s ass for so long that a special surgical procedure was required. It’s called the ass clown procedure, Kerry pulled through with no complications.

    His face is now sitting proudly on Rosan Barrs left ass cheek as a tattoo, as well as numerous other elites ass’s such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s for example.

  3. Sure looks like the surgeon was watching “Mr. Ed” while he was working. (for those of you too young to reminder, Mr. Ed was a tv show about a talking horse.)

    1. “Watching” Mr. Ed ….Hell !
      He made ’em look like Mr. Ed
      Must of been one of those sub
      conscience things , “ya think ?

  4. “What Really Happened to John Kerry’s Face……..”

    So THAT’S what that is, huh?

    Never was quite sure…………

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