What Russia Plans To Do – What Your American Leaders Don’t Want You To Know

Published on Sep 3, 2013 by AfriSynergy


When and if this beast completes its attack upon certain sectors of the Arab, the Persian and then the Russian world, it will then dedicate far more attention to re-subduing other parts of Africa. Black America, this is our business. Over the last 12 years, the TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS spent on these wars have taken away from your innercities, and we have observed that situation get much worse.

In the USA, at least 70% of employed Blacks are employed by government. Who’s screaming to cut government? Who will be cut first? What happens to the innercity as these cuts take place? Remember, for Iraq and Afghanistan, $4 TRILLION wasted. How much of that was taken away from black communities helping cause crime to rise? Even with families, one of the biggest causes of broken families are financial problems. Again, at least 70% of Blacks employed in the US are in roles with government. It was the pale skins who said to the federal government in the 1860s, “YOU FREED THEM, YOU HIRE THEM”. Martin Luther King was murdered AFTER he made the resource and life consuming war in Vietnam his business, while at the same time, being rejected by most of the “elite” Black Bourgeoisie.

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