14 thoughts on “Whatever they are saying looks like it’s more important than anything on American news.

  1. Hunter articles all over the place today. Yeah, they mention his shady business deals and prostitute romps, but nothing about the under age, the children.

    Gatekeepers will be taking up so much room in The 9th circle.


  2. The American Mafia lives in plain site. The Biden crime family takes orders from China, Russia and Bosnia just to name a few. You dissapear that disease, America can recover, but it’s going to be a long ass road. We have mummies for leaders that make speeches having a stroke while standing at the microphone. Now we are going to have to shell out millions, even though they have stolen millions.

    When will this bad fkg dream end, when will our families truly have freedom? When will the Kings be wiped out and the American National be given what has been stolen?

    Henry and Laura ( May Laura Rest in Piece) have given us this great sounding board. It is making a difference, i can feel it.

    My God, I hate what’s happening to our country, I drive thousands of miles a week, all I see is hell on earth. The only freedom I have is when my eyes are closed, dreaming about it.

    The older I get, the worse it gets. The Trenches is one gift, that is making a difference, incrediable place for all these years.

    1. Mark, it is genuinely good to see you back here. I have missed your voice. Ain’t we all growin’ and learnin’? It’s a life-course in being human, really human, not the messed up variety they have tampered with and weakened.

      Yet, I must ask you, regarding those who give orders… You site “China, Russia and Bosnia.” What about that tier above these?


    2. This bad fucin dream ends when we end it and not a moment sooner.. good to see you here Mark

  3. Something like the United States of America is occupied by satanic worshiping demons who worship at dirty 501c3 churches!!!

    1. You nailed it. Start with the Mormon church that produced “Sound of Freedom” and their puppet Tim Ballard. Movie about “child sex trafficking” by the Right Wing Christians who fund and operate it.

  4. Here’s a kindred soul, Scottish historian, Neil Oliver, who knows all too well, what is going on! Although he comes from the old Scottish heritage, everything he says about the kind of corruption being heaped equally on all of us on both sides of the pond, is a form of encouragement, at least for me, that strong, freedom-minded men of western values are sounding the alarm for the people to rise up and FIGHT BACK! https://youtu.be/2COPif3HnMg?si=bIkNl5E2k8upTA_b

  5. What this? Half-measures Gateway Pundit throwing crumbs? Perhaps feeling the need to come forth with Hunter scoop? Wonder if the timing could have anything to do with forthcoming elections? Hmm…

    Ignored by the Mainstream Media: We First Learned of Hunter’s Gun in the Trash During the Biden Family’s Discussion of Hunter’s Sick Sexual Habits Around a Child:



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