6 thoughts on ““What’s the big deal?”

  1. Funny how it’s the vaccinated that’s spreading the disease, NOT the unvaccinated. Maybe he can’t see that because he’s always squinting at the teleprompter or looking like he’s taking a big strenuous shit all the time.

    Turn around Joey. Time for your butt to be wiped again.

  2. I don’t know dude
    What would be the big deal if we put you in Prison for the rest of your life
    And your entire family
    What’s the big deal

    Problem is
    Prisons too good for where your going

  3. By now, anyone who can’t see past this “turd who thinks he’s an ice cream”, is as blind as the bat that was blamed for these past 2 years of living hell! – I got the quote from legendary guitarist, Mark Knopfler.

  4. This is not for the trench choir its for the lazy assholes on the fence who wont dare go against their owners.
    Im beginning to wonder just what sort of abuse is necessary to get anyone off their ass to confront this insanity.

    That and while they slow kill off whom they want with nary a reaction. And so many hoping their saviour will come to clean up this mess. Not happening and you know it. The only way out of this is at the barrel of a gun…thats if you can even lift the damn thing after your covid poison.

    Revolution against the bastards just isnt going to happen too much google hemmeroid devices in everyones hands…distractions distractions all the while the country you live in is transformed into an open air prison. wake the f!@k up and maybe forsake the beer and ballgame and disappear one of the medical mafia…every day one more disappears. Then and only then will this stop.


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