What’s the deal with homeopathy?

Published on Jan 4, 2014 by Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know

Skeptics dismiss homeopathic medicine as pseudoscience and claim the industry bilks the gullible and desperate. However, advocates of homeopathic medicine believe the conspiracy lies within the pharmaceutical companies and western medicine. Tune in to learn more.

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One thought on “What’s the deal with homeopathy?

  1. Thebrain is the biggest pharmacy. You take care of it itwill take care of you. In todays world we are not taking care of our selves on bit. We got air polution, water polution, our food supply at the grocery is chocked full of crap like preservatives and are raised /grown with that f`n GMO crap, we all are consistently being bombarded by those pharmaceutical advertisements about take this drug othat one. . Not even to mention work place hazards – exposure to hazardous chemicals etc., not to mention the lousey rotten bosses and supervisors and co-workers. all this stuff has a major effect on our health and wellbeing. Homeopathy may or may not work, but to get down to it, like I said above your brain is the biggest drug/pharmaceutical factory in the world when it come down to dealing with your own body. Yep, take care of it and it will definately take care of you.

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