When Does The Resistance To Global Tyranny Begin?

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Wages are down. Unemployment is up. Inflation is up. The debts owed by individuals are way up along with government debts and Austerity measures from above imposed on those below. In America homes and ranches and farms have been stolen by the government and by the banks. In Nevada the Bureau of Land Management has taken to stealing cattle and hiring Blackwater mercenaries. We are told they needed the Bundy family land as a carbon off sink for a Chinese project and also the water rights for fracking. In Spain riot police chased peaceful demonstrators into the subways and beat them with clubs. They beat young pretty girls in the face with truncheons. I have talked to women who were anti-war demonstrators. They told me that in the old days the male police officers were disposed to treat the pretty girls better than the others. The police preferred to torture the less physically attractive women. Not anymore. The days of chivalry in the constabulary are over.  

The police in the US have been trained by the Israelis. They use non-lethal projectiles the Israeli way. The  fire them at the head or eyes of protesters at close range. The Guardian ran two articles on the lack of protests in the face of obvious grievances. Young people are afraid of the police and their violent tactics. They are also afraid of the power of the corporations to blacklist them  from employment including government jobs. The Department of Homeland Security is trying to expand their ability to bar people from working by arrogating unto themselves the right to refuse you a clean background check. Did you oppose the war? Did you figure out the government and the news media lied to us about 911? No job for you. They have already put an unknown number of us on No Fly and Slow Fly Lists. And that Enhanced Interrogation list at the airports is really tiresome.

My regular readers know of the 2007 study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. They found that 20% of all international trade is controlled by 147 corporations who share Boards of Director members. It is as if the New World Order were a One World Corporation. Included in those 147 companies are banks like the Rothschilds and HSBC and J P Morgan. Also included are the big oil companies. They support regional government like the European Union and the North American Free Trade Area. They also support treaties that allow corporations to go into rigged courts to over turn our national laws ranging from consumer safety to environmental standards. Despite our protests the majority of national politicians in America and Europe support the erosion of our rights and liberties.

The 147 Corporations have puppet administrations  that are Republican followed by Democrats in America. The same false choices are given in other nations though with different names. Modern Democracy presents us with an illusion of choice. The same puppetry can be seen in the House and the Senate. Does anyone believe that the Republicans will repeal the Patriot Act and the NDAA if they take over the Senate? Does anyone believe that a Republican administration will restore the Bill of Rights in 2017? It was their that party followed lock step in the systematic dismantling of freedom. Does anyone believe that if 100% of all the seats in the House and Senate were held by either the Republicans or the Democrats that they would ban GMO food? Genetically Modified Food when fed to lab animals produces enormous tumors in the first generation and  sterile, diseased runts in the third generation. If this were not an illusion of a democracy, you could do something about this real threat to human health.

The youth of Europe can look to Greece as an example of the futility of riots and strikes. The former Prime Minister and his brother were found with over a billion dollars in cash and real estate with no explanation as to the sources of the income. Critics are not even allowed to say that the Papanderou brothers are Jewish. Nothing has happened to improve the lives of the Greek people.

Some say France will be the next country to explode. But what will come of it? Argentina exploded. They ran government ministers out of the country. I remember a decade ago the Finance Minister and the President having to escape the angry housewives of Buenos Aires in a helicopter from the top of a government building. It reminded me of the Fall of Saigon. Middle class families were reduced to living off the refuse from garbage dumpsters and still the lessons were not learned. Yet Argentina is back in the same position after they ran the old regime out of the country. The people allowed another puppet regime into the country serving the same 147 corporations which as I said includes The Too Big To Jail Bankers and the Oil companies and Monsanto and the Pharmaceutical Companies amongst other Enemies of mankind.

The New World Order has deliberately instilled feelings of futility and hopelessness in the younger generation so they can maintain control. Some say this is due to fluoride in the water in America and Ireland. But that does not explain the lack of a revolt on the continent of Europe where fluoride is banned.

In America wholesale food prices rose 19% so far this year. Government regulations are being used by campaign donors from Agribusiness and General Electric and J P Morgan to shut down competition which has raised both the price of beef and utilities. This is after Obamacare had substantially increased insurance premiums and about doubled deductibles. You would think that people all over America would be rising up in rebellion.

We have seen pockets of resistance as in the case of the Nevada rancher Bundy. The federal government backed down temporarily making sure to first identify the most active members of the core resistance.

I have previously written of the 8 million Americans on the Core list who are to be Disappeared in case the Dollar Dies. I concluded that if the Banker Occupation Group that seized control of the federal government ever tried to  round up 8 million Americans that their efforts would not last 3 days. On Day One they begin rounding up the 20,000 most outspoken resistors in the very early hours of the morning because America has four time zones on the continent. If they lie and tell them they are only taking them in for questioning, the federal forces might only have a few thousand casualties. Day One will turn around when DHS has to shut down the Internet so everyone else on that Core list does not figure out what really happened.

The problem is that if you did a survey after Day One asking Americans if they were on that List To Be Disappeared, you might get 10 to 20 million people to answer ‘Yes. I am on that List.’ If there is a Day Two, the federal forces will have significantly more casualties. If there is a Day Three, I would expect someone to blow up the power lines going in to Washington DC. I sincerely doubt that very many people on the Core List would be at home waiting to be Disappeared. And hundreds of thousands of heavily armed men would go on the offensive. They most likely have prepared their own Lists Of People Who Need To Die In Case Of A National Emergency.

The Pentagon has War Game simulations of what happens in case the Dollar Dies. They probably have also thought through what would happen if they tried to round up 8 million Americans. That is why I do not believe that the Core List can ever be acted upon. It is there to intimidate us into inaction so the Banker Occupied Government wins by default because we do not resist.

In terms of what is happening currently on the ground the momentum is for at least a 20% decline in American stock markets. Other observers think this decline has a potential to be 60% or more. This will hurt pensions which are already suffering from trillions of dollars in Wall Street fraud. The now elderly Vietnam Vets will join the ranks of the underemployed younger generation if there ever is a rebellion.

I have written extensively of the dollar’s decline. Recently I wrote that the billionaires Bilderberg Society which meets in Copenhagen at the end of May this year could have a devaluation of the dollar on its agenda. Jim Rickards has been a Pentagon adviser since 2001 and wrote Currency Wars. He said that he expects a series of small devaluations of the dollar ranging from 20 to 30%. Eventually, Rickards expects the dollar to collapse by 80%. As he said in an interview, that means the price of imported goods will increase 500%. What he did not say was that foreigners will be able to buy food off our shelves. This will lead to Nationwide Food Riots so even the most corrupt politicians will have to vote to reduce agricultural exports. But this will only worsen the trade deficit and put even more pressure on the dollar. Not Good.

Economics deserves to be called the Dismal Science. Rickards’ latest book is the Death of Money. People overseas invested in euros, pounds, yen, pesos and even Swiss francs might want to heed the title of Mr Rickards second book The Death Of Money. The book is not about the Death of the Dollar but rather the complete collapse of all Paper Money.

What I previously said is that the Bilderberg Society will discuss and accept a gradual slide of the dollar until it does drop 80% in value. Another way of saying this is that gold bullion will rise 500% in value over a period of years. They would like this to begin in the near future and be accomplished in stages with the final savage cuts coming after their next puppet President takes office in 2017. They want to prolong the decline in the dollar because the American people are too well armed for a direct confrontation. The advantage shifts to the Banker Occupation Group every year the confrontation is postponed because they are accumulating robotic weapons and drones that will kill humans on command.

The Bilderberg favors Amnesty for illegal aliens for the same reason I knew 30 years ago that we would have a black President in the 21st century. They want a Race War to destroy America. That is why they have flooded Europe with legal and illegal aliens as well.

The Bilderberg Society wanted as many people as possible to depend on free stuff from the government to bankrupt the middle class and small businesses. The Uber Rich are exempt from taxes. Eventually when the Race Wars and the Nationwide Food Riots have taken their toll, the Bankers will have their Black Ops people release plagues to kill off the lower classes. It will solve the pension problem because the elderly are supposed to die in the first or second wave of plagues.

I do not think any of these plans will work.

A) A gradual decline in the dollar could become a stampede even without all those tens of trillions of dollars in Credit Default Swaps (speculative bets) on stable interest rates. A devaluing dollar will require higher interest rates. The real interest inflation rate in America was 9% last year but seems to be spiking higher so far this year. Even a modest 6% interest on US Treasury bonds will kill the markets.

B) As I have explained before, there will be no Hyperinflation until the dollar is devalued. A gradual devaluation intended to be spread over 2 to 3 years will quickly turn into a rout as soon as people can see a terminal date for the money in their hands. If you knew the Paper Money in your hands was going to Zero Value in January of 2017, what would you do today?

C) Drones and killer robots take orders from humans. People will soon figure out that they will get better results killing the Elite rather than shooting at drones.

D) America has a Time Limit. We have had a series of earthquakes around the Pacific Ring of Fire and elsewhere of late. Of particular concern is the Indo-Australian plate. America has 8 nuclear power plants directly over earthquake fault lines and a dozen nearby. Asia also has nuclear power plants over fault zones. If we do not act soon to replace nuclear power in those critical areas, we will have 20 or more Fukushimas. And that will be an Extinction Level Event.

I therefore conclude that the Bilderberg plan to gradually devalue the dollar until they have reduced Americans to abject poverty will not work. The Bilderbergers will want to avoid a direct confrontation because they know they will lose. America is too big a nation to have a coordinated rebellion. The only viable option I see is a Military Coup which could offer worldwide Debt Cancellation, a ban on fractional reserve banking and the creation of non-interest bearing currencies.


8 thoughts on “When Does The Resistance To Global Tyranny Begin?

  1. The big stumbling block to resistance is the fact that the majority of the population has been brainwashed by the television. You can tell them their rights have been trampled, and the “president” is a dictator who can imprison anyone without charges or trial, and it doesn’t phase them in the least. If the Jew TV say’s it’s a good thing, they cheer it on just like any gang of brainwashed Moonies reveres and obeys their “religious” master.

    The TV is God — the giver of all truth and knowledge. And everything’s fine in America as long as the Jew TV lights up and provides the idiots with more mindless entertainment.

    And THAT is why there’s no resistance to tyranny. The people that you would expect to resist have been brainwashed, and even most of the people who are resisting have trouble prying themselves away from the TV’s lies too.

    The tube is all that Americans know.

    1. And another factor is fear. People just aren’t very brave anymore, because decades of staring into the Jew TV has convinced them there’s nothing worth fighting for, and it’s best to get rid of all your guns and be gay.

      “Let’s all be defenseless and gay” is what the TV has been drumming into their heads for 30 years. Endless messages of this sort have an effect on everyone who’s subjected to them, and as a result, American men are not what they once were.

      1. I guess they must have affected me too, and the militia that stood down the foreign BLM in Nevada.
        I think the enemy propaganda we need to dispel is that which says their propaganda has succeeded and we are defeated. But then again, all of their polls indicate that I am a defeated coward, so I guess I might as well shut this f#@king site down and acquiesce to my slavery.
        I have been letting this shit go for too long. It’s not 3% ready to fight. It is the vast majority. Back when we had our first revolution, this same defeatist shit was going on. It will not be tolerated here.

          1. I never said it was over…if I thought that, I wouldn’t be here either.

            But you must have noticed that the majority of the population is completely in the dark, and believes whatever the TV tells them.


          I am almost 62 and female and am not a violent person, and believe in Christ with all my heart/mind/soul/stength, but I still know I can help defeat this evil (and have done it before) and don’t really give a crap about whether anyone else is living in fear. I am most certainly NOT!

          “…But the fearful…will have their places in the Lake of Fire…” (Revelation 22)

        2. It’s not “defeatist shit”, and it hasn’t defeated me, you, or the militia, it’s just the way it is, and the majority doesn’t even understand the problems that we face, let alone are they ready to solve them.
          I don’t think we need the majority, but they are there, and they get all their information from the TV, and as a result, they’re in the dark about the true reason for the gun control efforts, lock-downs, and the tyranny that’s appearing all over the place. Most people are in denial that it’s even happening.

          NO, of course it doesn’t apply to everyone, but the majority is still asleep, and most men joining the military today have never even been in a fist-fight. When I was young fighting was commonplace. There’s been a definite feminization of men by the media, and I don’t think most people are as willing to fight as they would have been a generation ago.

          these are just facts that exist. Ignoring or denying them won’t help anyone.

          1. When you speak of the majority, what exactly are you basing that on? Are you constantly traveling these United States? Do you know people in all walks of life? Or are you judging the situation from a small perspective?
            I will state emphatically that where I live the pussies are the exception, not the rule. And a lot of places I travel to, away from cities, show the same.
            The only place I see a majority of feminized men is on the television and in the cities, where the weak seem to congregate. There are still a lot of tough sons of bitches out here that will fight at the drop of a hat. Once acceptance to society reverts back to having balls, the boys will grow them or they won’t get girls.
            Weakness, cowardice, and ignorance is rewarded and put on the front page, while strength, courage, and intelligence is punished. And all of this is accomplished through the worship of money.
            Quite frankly, I don’t care how many pussies exist out there as they represent no threat to me and will be easily removed, leaving more to those who will deserve it because we took it back.
            I will remain positive as I watch my people rise and cleanse this country of those who have never, nor will ever belong in a country where freedom and liberty is absolute because we demand it.
            I din’t mean to come straight at you like that, but that is how my people address those things we find unacceptable. We will encourage those with courage and shun any thought of being ruled by pussies.

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