When Will Economic Collapse Happen

Money has already lost 98% of it’s value since the elite took control of it in 1913. Strangely, there was a major world war less than a year after they took control of the money. Did they federalize the money so they could print to fund the war? Money has continued to lose value and will continue to lose value precisely because the rich and wealthy elite want it all for themselves. When you have to humiliate yourself for a chance to have a crappy job that pays almost nothing. When the money you earn cannot make a difference in your standard of living because you earn too little then money is becoming useless for the masses and they should stop buying in the scam of money. If the rich want all the money they can all have it. Let’s quit using money and let them hold on to the worthless bag.

Published on Sep 30, 2013 by GlobalEconomicNews

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