When Will the Final Collapse Occur?

There are parts of Detroit that are being put off limits to the general public because they have become occupied by the criminal element.

The streets of Chicago are not safe to walk.

In Harlem New York you cannot walk down the streets without being attacked by the police via one of their Stop and Frisk encounters.

A seven month pregnant Seattle woman is tasered and kicked in her stomach by police, causing such trauma that her unborn child defecated in her womb.

Kelly Thomas, a homeless man, is beaten to death by police on video on the streets of Fullerton, California.

In Illinois, a little nine year old boy with autism is roughed up, arrested, and taken to jail by police.

A nurse in Los Angeles, pulled over for talking on her cell phone, is body slammed on the pavement by two cops, caught on camera.

In Texas an elderly lady is roughed being drug out of her car for not showing ID and saying she had to go to the bathroom.

An 83 year old Virginia woman is shot to death by police as she was fleeing home invaders.

There is a state park in Arizona wherein the American public is being warned to stay out because the Zeta Drug Cartel, consisting of ex-Mexican military, now occupy and control the area.

We have roving check points where at citizens are being beaten for refusing to identify themselves to the Nazis manning the booths.

Police are pulling people over in Texas and just straight up robbing them.

Our own NC on this site, a school teacher, is tasered by police in Texas after restraining a man who had hit him in the face in the parking lot at the building where he lives.

At the University of Alabama an unarmed naked college freshman is shot to death by police.

National Guardsman in New York is killed by police because he cut them off in traffic.

A man is shot in the back while handcuffed on a subway platform in Oakland, California.

Young student protesters at UC Davis are pepper sprayed while sitting on the ground doing nothing to provoke such an attack.

Iraqi vet Scott Olson is shot in the head with a tear gas canister at an Occupy protest in Oakland, California, fracturing his skull.

I could go on and on.  And remember, for each documented event there are thousands that go unreported.

Many are asking when the collapse that will lead to a full blown police state will begin.  I don’t know about you, but I think it has already begun.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “When Will the Final Collapse Occur?

  1. So you have to run the gauntlet in various golden socialist utopias, with the state sanctioned gang in blue on one side and the competition the donut molesters hate, the “amateur” gangs on the other site.

  2. The sheep wont realize anything is wrong until the fascist boots are stomping on their neck and cutting off their air supply, then again some of them will welcome it with a smile.

    The question going forward shouldn’t be when is the collapse going to happen, but rather when should the party be started, not if but when…

  3. Time is a concept few people even begin to understand. ‘The Collapse’ is not defined in an event horizon of a ‘day’ or ‘hour’ it is more like a ‘decade’. The collapse has been planned for decades, it most likely began at the turn of the 21st Century and is continuing to this day.
    Better question is ‘When will it end?’
    answer: When usury, central controlled private bankers and government borrowing stops.

  4. When a line of blue helmeted, ‘roided up Terminator looking thugs hit the streets throwing down indiscriminate fire. People need to remember that they are FEW; we are MANY! There are ways to defeat their technology; learn & employ.

    Leaderless Resistance

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