Who is being Fooled by the Elitists’ Election Propaganda?

Something for nothing.  This is the cry of the propagandists for the next phase of the campaign to blame poverty on the poor, and a declining middle class on a failed work ethic.  You see the problem with our country according to the corporate elite is all the freebies being showered upon the 99%.  Their contention is that a person who has worked for 30 or 40 years and then lost their job, their home, and their retirement is now living the Life of Riley on food stamps.

In short the elite are saying the poor and working poor do not want to work because they are enjoying their new station in life as a part of the impoverished, and oh, the outrage at these food stamp recipients getting something for nothing.

It just isn’t right, that is unless it is someone who is filthy rich who is getting something for nothing, like that banker who took that displaced worker’s home that he or she had been paying on for the past 20 years.  The banker gets the contract on the house paid off at 100 cents on the dollar, using monies borrowed in the names of the worker’s grandchildren, and the bank also gets the property back, not to mention the equity the worker had in the property from 20 years of house payments.

But this is alright because the banker is among the elite and it is alright for the elite to get a whole lot of something for nothing, while at the same time it is an outrage for the displaced worker to get a little bit of something, theoretically for nothing.  I say theoretically because in fact that displaced worker paid into that food stamp program for 30 or 40 years and now at age 60, could not possibly get back the equivalent of a drop in a bucket of what he or she paid in.

Again this is a display of the arrogance of the elite.  Look at Mitt Romney, he has $200 million in various accounts and without producing anything, that money gives him another $20 million per year.  And this “something for nothing” is not only accepted but praised.

How about we do this?  We print up 200 million phony fiat dollars for every impoverished person in the country and put it in a Cayman Island account.  The poor person is not allowed to touch the $200 million.  He or she just receives the $20 million per year in the dividends the money earns, paying back the government $19 million per year on the $200 million in stake money.  After 11 years the $200 million is returned to the government and the once impoverished person has a $200 million account that belongs to him or her and a $20 million per year income that will grow exponentially.

Insanity, right?  Yes it is, as this phony money is creating wealth without creating a product through the work of the person receiving the wealth.  The fact is this money scheme is the apparatus being used to suck the real wealth out of our country because the wealth created from nothing is turned around and used to purchase real tangible wealth in the form of land and resources.

Tell me, how rich could you get if you were allowed to take a pair of scissors and cut up some pieces of paper, print numbers on that paper, and then use that paper to purchase 100 silos full of grain?  Again, insanity, but also again, this is what is going on right in front of our eyes.

The money scam called the Federal Reserve has given enormous amounts of wealth to a select few international elitists for doing absolutely nothing.  Real wealth does not appear out of thin air.  The real wealth the elitists are trading for paper is our work product and our resources.

In short they can take our real property and give it to themselves for nothing, and not only are they not prosecuted and punished for this crime, but we are told we should admire them.  Admire them for what, for becoming wealthy through theft?  They commit these outrages and then turn around and point their fingers at one of their victims and say, “Look, he or she is getting some food for doing nothing.  Shouldn’t we make him or her work as a slave for us for that food?”

Of all the candidates running for president, only Ron Paul is pointing out this outrage.  Thousands of people who were knocked out of the middle class and lost everything have killed themselves.  But again, after 30 or 40 years, the long term unemployed just do not want to work anymore because they are enjoying their new life in poverty, and the elitists think they can sell this con to whom?  Maybe to you?

If you are one of these people who are still in the middle class and think you have somehow been set apart to be left alone, you’d better think again.  Because every day more jobs and industry are being shipped out and that phony fiat monopoly money in your pockets and in your bank accounts is being devalued further as the elite exchange their phony fiat monopoly money for your real wealth, as in your property, work product, and resources.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Who is being Fooled by the Elitists’ Election Propaganda?

  1. They are all criminals and should be fined and prosecuted and the property (money) should be seized by and for the people of America.

  2. That article is well written Henry! Anyone who reads it and still doesn’t understand the ongoing theft in this country is a blind fool that will happily walk into the slaughterhouse. Such fools get no sympathy from yours truly.

  3. For what it’s worth,that was a great article and I am proud of the author.All facts and written ala Henry so you know some boy scout didn’t copy it out of an encyclopedia.In fact you’d never find it in an encyclopedia.

  4. Thanks for the compliments.
    In what other country could one be praised for merely pointing out the blatantly obvious? LOL

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