Who Will Decide What Will Be The Alternative Media In The United States?

The all out effort by our Zionist enemies to shut down all alternative media that refuses to remove the reality of Zion and the absolute danger it represents from our content has become omnipresent.  Through our enemies’ control of currencies and the illegitimate wealth they have acquired, we see a network consisting of buying up servers and infiltrating the search engines through government bought and paid for agencies, in an all out effort to control who sees what.   Our enemies have no problem using financial coercion to blackball those who would speak out against them, as it has always been their position that American nationals should be reduced to slaves, without any voice or free will.

We need the people From the Trenches to step up and help us push through this barrier that has been laid before us, thus we must ask for contributions, not as a permanent solution, but rather to carry us through in coalition with a larger strategy.  

It has always been our numbers against our enemies’ ill begotten wealth, but we are failing to use a twist that our enemy has no problem in employing.  The fact is we are preppers and militia and the advisors to many others who are becoming and will become the same.  We are the grass roots of the movement for the restitution of the Republic and our Bill of Rights, and those who stand to benefit the most from our work are refusing to step up and sponsor us because they do not want to make our enemies, who also happen to be their financiers, angry with them.

In short, they are happy see us die to secure their fortunes, yet do not want to be publicly associated with us.  There are millions of us and we buy their products, as we advise others to do the same in preparation for this war we must fight.

This being said, we ask for your donations, but more importantly and beyond that, we ask that when you are making that one, two, or five hundred dollar purchase for your prep or are advising another on how to do the same, you contact the merchant that you will be doing business with and ask them straight up why they are not supporting your media communications, as in From the Trenches World Report.

If they try to tell you that it is not profitable for them, remind them that you are at present purchasing from them and that you are put out that their ad is not with your people.

My Patriot Supply was offered big government contracts in an effort to divert supplies from patriot preppers to our enemies.  They refused because they understand that unless our people unite and are properly provisioned, they stand to lose as much as any one of us.

We have seen gun and ammunition manufacturers in the United States stuff their heads in the government contract trough, making record profits arming those who intend to kill we American nationals, at the same time starving us for ammunition and putting the cost of our armament through the roof.

That we are the ones who have stepped up to declare our very lives for the cause of our great Republic and our Bill of Rights should incite all those who are prospering from this tragedy and truly believe in the cause of those they are soliciting to buy their products, to be pushing to be the first to step up and sponsor our work. I guess because someone claims to be a patriotic entrepreneur does not mean any more in this day and age than it did during our first Revolution, wherein the self-interested merchants of the time preferred to sell to the British Crown, as the gold they were offering was more appealing than the freedom the patriots were dying for.  And hell, let’s face it, in the end they got both and used both to gain further advantage over their fellow Americans.

We are many, and by God we spend money and its time we started insisting that those sales be attributed to our effort.  It is time to confront, and be stern about it.  With every purchase let these merchants who are growing fat on this miserable tragedy know who you are and what your beliefs are and that you do not like to see them using the profits from your purchases to finance advertising in media that is working against you and our cause.

So again we ask, go to the right hand side or the bottom of our page and contribute what you can afford, or send cash donations wrapped in tin foil, or checks or money orders made out to Henry Shivley to P.O. Box 964, Chiloquin, Oregon, 97624.

We are faced with an obstacle designed to shut us down.  To defeat this onslaught we have no choice but to ask for donations.  But absolutely as important as the donations has to be the drive to make our prepper purchasing power bring the site back in line with being self sustaining.

We are in the process of acquiring Trenches T shirts to give to those who contribute $50.  But our present situation cannot wait for us to build up a stock before we can see any benefit.  We want people to purchase the T shirts and I do intend to print From the Trenches business cards to send to all of our regular posters when we can afford to do so.

If you want one of the T shirts please make a notation with your contribution and these monies will go toward that project and seeing it to self sustained status.  This will spread the word of the site by putting it out there on our bodies.  However, we do need contributions aside from that to survive and make it through until we see the fruits from our other efforts.

It is necessary or I wouldn’t ask.  And if we all assert ourselves through the other half of the strategy in demanding respect for the monies we spend and for the monies we are advising spent, we can bring the site back to being self sustaining through the advertising.

We cannot allow the enemy to muscle us out.  We must push through the barrier and move to the next level where it will be harder for the enemy to harm us.  We ask for your effort and ask that you insist that your money be respected just like that of the Zionists. This is our country.  Those that want to do business here need to reject the Zionist pressure and support our effort, hence our Bill of Rights and our free Republic.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

38 thoughts on “Who Will Decide What Will Be The Alternative Media In The United States?

  1. For those who don’t use pay pal and will be donating the address is-

    Henry Shivley
    P.O. Box 964
    Chiloquin, OR 97624

  2. The “fromthetrenchesworldreport” hemp/cotton blend t- shirts are on order and should be available next week. They are high quality and, hence, a little more expensive than a 100% cotton shirt. I will be sending the shirts out to anyone who makes the $50.00 donation. Specify size and color of shirt and let Henry and Laura know how important their efforts are and make that donation. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the shirt and you would wear it proudly! Millard

  3. On the way Henry and Laura and to any and all who make FTT possible I say thank you from the bottom of my free heart. Truth will set you free and we will prevail!

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    Once again our Great-Nation is on the precipice of ruin.

    It was because our nation was so great, so wealthy, so free, so enviable, that it drew from the four corners of the world, people wishing to share in those possiblilties,… as it also drew the pyschotic, the ill of mind, and those with an avarice spirit to come here and debauch our great realm,.. and seek its subjugation, and eventual destruction, as the Zionist, or International-Jews, in particular are doing here and abroad.

    At such times,.. the spirit of those who truly relish all that real freedom has to offer, rise above the dust, the noise and the distractions and rally the nation against its impending demise.

    Such has been my Duty, Honor,.. and priviledge to do with Henry, as we seek to stop, and expose those who have harbored horrific visions of destruction for this country, and are in the process of executing those deeds of disgrace.

    In the eyes of pyschotic people, such as the Enemy-Force-In-Occupation (formly known as The US Fed Gov’t), the Honest man, the Patriotic man, the man innocent of any crimes,… is an unforgivable sin, and must therefore be punished for such aberrations,…. by elimination,.. with extreme prejudice.

    This is there plan for many Americans that dare to cling to the forthright ideals that this country was built on, and so now these PIC’s, (Pyscho’s-In-Charge) give you one of two choices:

    1) You WILL acquiesce, and become one with the communist collective,.. OR

    2) You will be exterminated in the most brutal,…. inhuman method that serves the Zionist-Jews wanton lust best.


    It does NOT matter if you try to appease them,… they will still exterminate you, your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow Americans, all the same,.. and all that much easier as you gave into one demand after another in order to, “fly under the radar”, until,.. you had nothing left to give in exchange for a little more time,.. and nothing left to fight with to defend yourself.

    THEN!,… then,.. these Bolshiviek, International, Zionist-Jew murder squads,.. simply lead you to the edge of the pit,… and put one of the 1.6 Billion 40 caliber hollow point bullets,… that you paid for,.. thru your skull,…. as they did to all those Polish citizens in 1940,.. in the Katyn Forrest Massacre.


    OR,.. we Americans,.. “We The People” exercise another option which we did NOT seek their approval for!!!:

    We unite as Americans,.. declare these Zionist and Traitorist scumbags enemies,… arrest, try and convict each one,.. or better yet,… We The People,… Exterminate them,… before they, exterminate us.

    Your choice,… but it all starts by getting informed, by helping people like Henry and myself out, by giving us the basic resources we need to reach out to our fellow Patriots all across this great land,… and help us declare in a single voice:


    JD – US Marines – I’m Ready,… how about you?


      1. Hi Jeno,

        Well,.. lets see,…

        Thats you, me , Henry, Mark, Ed, Spike, Bulldog,….

        Thats 7.

        That is how it starts,… isn’ it.

        OH yeah,……. I almost forgot about the 100+ million Americans who have been dis-possed of all that they have worked for.

        So,.. I guess that makes 100 million,.. + 7.

        Not a bad start. – JD


          1. Hi NC,

            Opppsss,… forgot to include you in that,.. along with the other regulars here on FTT!

            Sorry about that! – JD

    1. Hey J.D. I was talking with my future son in law about current events and he said to me, “You know that between Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota deer hunters we would have the world’s largest standing army.” Either way, there will be no gun confiscation up in this neck of the woods without a lot of lead flying!

      1. Hi Millard,

        I can only pray your are correct, but allow me to suggest a notion that abrogates such a consideration:

        Numbers actually mean nothing,.. it is the willingness to use those firearms that will make the difference.

        If shear numbers could determine the outcome to any armed conflict,… then US Marines would have lost virtually every single battle it was ever in, as we were almost ALWAYS out numbered, out gunned, out equiped, and many times,.. out of options.

        But that is not the figtning record of the US Marines.

        What was the difference then?

        Espirit De Corps, training, knowledge of equipment, tactics and terrain, and most of all,… a spirit to never give up, never give in, never say,…. “it can’t be done”.

        If I was put in charge of a Militia unit and was given the choice of 100 million “gun owners”,… or simply 50,000 Patriots, selfless, ready, willing and and able to fight,… WANTING to fight!,…… I will take the much smaller number of dedicated fighters every time.

        From Sun Tzu: “Numbers confer no advantage”,.. which is of course meant to convey the sentiments that I just expressed above.

        When looking for who are the people who will make a difference,… it is NOT the,.. “gun owner”,.. most of them are in fact useless except as a stock and store of equipment and munitions which they have neither inclination to use when needed most, nor the courage to use even when it is their own life in question.

        Give me a handful a dedicated, Patriotic, All-Or-Nothing fighters,… and I will show you the meaning of devasting an enemy that DARED to think this country was theirs for their taking!

        JD – US Marines – Let not, simple numbers fool you. What do you fight for,… and what are they fighting for?


        1. Agreed J.D. I will say this though, I don’t think gun confiscation will ever happen here in Wisconsin without a war. All we need is our politicians and bankers to continue on their current path of tyranny and the scales will tip and the war will be on. Either that, or most of us will be starving and living in Tent cities.

        2. JD, is so right. 100m hunters, look out for and ask yourself “Who will the Christian Zionist fight for or kill America or jewland?”

          1. Here is an irony for you: out here in far west Texas there are many Christian Zionists (I’d say 90 percent of Christians are either Mexican-American Catholics or Christian Zionists/Dispensationalists/”the rapture crowd”). Of the Christian Zionists, most have never known a Jew and don’t want to know a Jew–and yet they love Israel! Why? Because they are led by preachers of the strong delusion that the state of Israel today is “God’s Israel.”

            So when it comes down to “fight for America or jewland,” these folks have a crucial decision to make; I suspect they will sit on the sidelines waiting for the “rapture”…

    1. After a review of my funds and also seeing the internet bill is more than I donated I will do it again.

      If I do get a shirt dont send white. I wont wear white. It is after labor day you know.lol

      1. Nottoobitter, send Henry your address and shirt size and I’ll mark you down for one of the olive/drab shirts. The shirts will be going out next week. Thanks, Millard

    1. Size? Medium, large, and X-large will be available. Reserve yours soon as I was only able to afford 24 this first run. Millard
      We will be ordering more as the ball gets rolling.

  5. We need to keep this site up and running even if it means selling cookies door-to-door. It should not only pay for itself, but Henry should turn a little profit on it for all the time he and Laura put into it.

    It’s one of the precious few places where people can learn the truth, so it’s importance can’t be overstated.

    J.D. said (above) “numbers actually mean nothing,.. it is the willingness to use those firearms that will make the difference”, and he’s absolutely right, but it’s information that turns the average gun owner into a willing fighter, and this is one of the few places that information can be found. Most of the “alternative news” sites offer the same distractions as the TV, and if people can’t learn who the real enemy is, they’re not going to be very successful at beating them.

    1. In agreement J.R. The truth is breaking through more everyday and the information war can be won if we stand together and keep educating people about Zionist crimes and their goal of enslaving us or killing us.

    2. Well stated, JR.

      The greatest obstacle we face (imo), is convincing people that they are really down to only 2 options.

      Fight or die.

  6. I’ve been reading for some time now, I’m happy to help. I love you brothers and sisters, keep up the good work and the fight.

    1. I love you too cva145 as well as all the rest of the great people who contribute to this dialogue and ultimately make the concept of freedom from tyranny a reality. I am proud to be heard among such a group with nothing but the truth in mind. I’ve never commented or posted anywhere (except Pandora once) because it would have fallen on deaf ears or worse but FTT is undeniably a forum which has not been infiltrated by tptb.

      1. “… FTT is undeniably a forum which has not been infiltrated by tptb.”

        And never will be, as long as we’re on watch, Martist.

      1. Hell yes#1! Trenchers and admin here are far too unified and informed to fall prey to lies. Not that everyone here agrees with everyone on every subject but it is open for logical debate, supported by facts, without ad hominem attack and with the sole purpose of knowing the truth and moving forward to what we were founded on.

  7. I just want you all to know that I’ve NEVER donated to ANYONE before or contributed to a cause more strongly in my 30 + years until I came here. That is how much I believe in this site and the people on it and who are running it.

    Henry and Laura, God Bless to you all! We are all proud of what you are doing and will do our best to help keep it going.

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