Who’s minding the nukes?

CBS News

|Lesley Stahl gets rare access inside an American nuclear control center and meets the young airmen who watch over some of the world’s deadliest weapons.

|Lesley Stahl reports that some mishaps in the past nearly led to accidental nuclear detonations on U.S. soil.

17 thoughts on “Who’s minding the nukes?


    ( YOU KNOW sra VS sgt )

    i WON’T SAY THEY TOOK sgt FROM ME, BUT THE sure the hell took MARKSMAN AWAY.


    at TRT:00:00:23 IS WHERE i am DONE IS IT 14 SECONDS IN?

  2. General “Weinstein” is minding the nukes…….now doesn’t that just make you all feel safe?

    1. LOL 🙂 😉
      The crowbar on the “security door” is one of my favs (along with the phone com.). 🙁

      1. HA HA HA … you beat me to it Angel. I sent this one in too! Couldn’t believe the lack of technology updates.
        . . .

        1. LOL 🙂 😉
          We caught it last Sunday and I emailed Henry/Admin. as we were watching it (links weren’t available at the time). Saw your post about the floppy discs today and found the full story.
          I agree with you. Like minds. LOL
          🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Amazing that there hasn`t been a major accident yet. It is ust a matter of time ya can bet. Accidents waiting to happn 🙁

    1. accident?
      It’s possible to have a planned accident and blame it on the technology…to save face!!!Yes…No!!!
      None of us trust this Fraud..of usg…None of us…
      Lets ho-pe I am wrong here…..
      Most likely, though, before this take over by the usg..of my lifetime, is defeated,there might be larger disasters yet to happen……that we have never encountered….before!!!!!…the psyco’s draw other psyco’s in to the fold, until there is a massive explosion to destroy the bunch…or they all see their folly and turn the other shoe….I hope it’s that!

  4. I didn’t watch the videos because they would take too long for me to load this time of the day, but there’s a possibility that lax security is nothing to worry about.

    How do you know we even have nukes? Who looked inside those missiles to make sure they’re real, working, nuclear bombs? Wouldn’t someone stand to pocket many millions of dollars is he could get away selling a non-functional nuclear device that he knows will never be tested?

    Just a thought, and not too far out of the realm of reason considering what these crooks have already gotten away with in the way of robbery.

    1. And the girl in the second video window looks familiar, but I can’t place her. I may have gone to high school with her or something.

  5. lol

    Working a 48+Hr shift with the phones and buzzer and alarms???
    Bunch of tweekers manning the silos. Id much rather have stoners at the helm.

  6. Floppy discs nothing – how about the ‘tubes & fuses’ inside the missiles

    bah ha ha ha ha ha ha

    1. ‘Tubes and fuses inside the missiles’, that’s a good one Cynicles! That wouldn’t surprise me a bit either. HAHA!

  7. General Jack Weinstein is a Jew (and probably communist) appointed by Obama after General Michael Carey was “purged” by Obama. Another communist purge.

    1. Robert Oppenheimer ‘father’ of atom bomb -jew
      Edward Teller ‘father’ of hydrogen bomb -jew
      Julius Rosenberg passed nuke info to bolshevik khazars -jew
      General Jack Weinstein minding the nukes -jew

      One has to wonder if the ‘jews’ have been controlling the nukes the whole time…

      One needn’t wonder if they’re in control of America.


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