Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America?

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[Editor’s Note: There is no doubt in my mind that guillotines are being stored on selected military bases in America. Pam Schuffert had first hand conversations with people who have seen them. I’m equally convinced that crematoriums have been installed on many of the larger FEMA concentration camps, both here on the mainland and in Hawaii. Pam Schuffert accurately foretold of coming events when she titled her web site “American Holocaust” from its inception in the 1990s.  

Ronald Reagan, New World Order Bedtime Bonzo that he was, sold us out by signing away our fate to the dictates of Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis with the Talmudic interpretation of the “Noahide Laws” enshrined in Public Law 102-14, signed in 1983 by Bonzo. This federal statutory “law”, which can be invoked at any time, established the legal grounds for EXECUTION by decapitation, anyone who is found guilty of “avoda zara” (idol worship) which according to halachic Judaism authority Maimonides, includes anyone who worships Jesus Christ (source: Michael Hoffman’s impressive 2008 tome, Judaism Discovered).

I do concur with the Christian fundamentalist belief in The End Times, the Rapture, the physical return of Christ, Armageddon, or the Millennium which I have identified as British Israel, however, I have no quarrel with those who do just as long as they aren’t aiding and abetting the New World Order, as exemplified by the so-called Christian Zionists of the John Hageevariety.

Our shamefully dumbed-down American public refuses to take these warnings seriously because they cannot imagine that the betrayal is as huge as it actually is and they are so utterly dependent on what they witness locally, meaning that since they don’t see the the 12 foot high barb wire fence around FEMA concentration camps in their neighborhoods, they must not exist and this woman is merely making up wild stories! Woe be to you Foolish America when they come for you and your family…Ken Adachi]

by Pamela Schuffert


February 15, 2009

Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America? by Pam Schuffert (Feb. 15, 2009)

The GUILLOTINES (modern military/metal, both imported and made in USA, present in many of our US military bases, and also installed in certain varieties of PRISONER BOXCARS WITH SHACKLES prepositioned nationwide for martial law according to eye-witness accounts)are here for only one purpose, in today’s modern society.


They are here to fulfill the purpose of THE NOAHIDE LAWS legislation signed by George Bush Sr., as part of the procedure of implementing the coming WORLD GOVERNMENT OF ANTICHRIST (NWO), and that is TO BEHEAD ALL OFFENDERS OF THE NOAHIDE LAWS provisions for EXECUTION of people (Gentiles) guilty of “IDOLATRY” and “BLASPHEMY AGAINST GOD.”


Being interpreted, “BEHEAD CHRISTIANS who believe that Jesus Christ is GOD IN THE FLESH and DIVINE.”

In this day of modern technology and advanced methods of execution available, there can ONLY be one purpose for the millions of modern guillotines present not only in US military bases, but uncovered through in-depth research to be in various locations worldwide, and that is to fulfill the MANDATES OF THE NOAHIDE LAWS against those who will not conform to it’s Jewish religious dictates.

EXECUTION BY BEHEADING is dictated for those who break THREE of the 7 NOAHIDE LAWS.

CONFORM in this case means for CHRISTIANS TO RENOUNCE THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST as the SON OF GOD and DIVINE…something which is utterly hated by the Jewish community and HAS been, obviously, for 2000 years now.

In fact, Bible prophecy even refers to this aspect of the coming WORLD GOVERNMENT being ANTICHRIST.

The Bible speaks in Revelation 20:4 of the souls of those who are beheaded for their witness of JESUS CHRIST and the word of God, who essentially will not go along with this satanic world government (NWO) under Satan and it’s “cashless society” and apostate antichrist religious system.

The Bible declares, in fact, that all those who are beheaded for their faith in Jesus Christ under this upcoming antichrist world system, will be resurrected to REIGN WITH JESUS CHRIST OVER THE WORLD during the genuine THOUSAND YEAR MILLENNIAL REIGN of God on the earth through His Son, Jesus Christ.(Revelation 20:4)


And speaking of “the spirit of ANTICHRIST,” it ORIGINATED with the Jews 2000 years ago when Jesus Christ was rejected by His Jewish people, condemned to die on a cross, and declared to be NOT THE MESSIAH by the religious leaders of His day.

This spirit of antichrist and Jewish persecution of the Christians has continued for 2000 years now, taking various forms, most notably under the twentieth century persecution/martyrdom of millions of Christians, initiated and carried out under JEWISH BOLSHEVIK COMMUNISM.


Christians continue to this day to be persecuted, imprisoned,tortured and martyred worldwide under this ongoing communist attack against Christianity, with historically confirmed Jewish origins, founders, financial funders, and those who carry it out.

The Bible declares that this spirit of antichrist, directly under SATAN’S POWER (Revelation 13) will ultimately RULE THE WORLD completely, authorizing Christians to be PUT TO DEATH worldwide.

Enter the NOAHIDE LAWS and provision for the BEHEADING OF THOSE WHO CONFESS JESUS CHRIST, as Bible Prophecy declares is to come. And this is why UN (NWO)prisoner boxcars often have eyewitness sightings of modern guillotines installed in them, besides shackles and benches.

I personally have interviewed two people who were eye witnesses to the modern guillotines in the prisoner boxcars, Marie McCullough of SC (Christian missionary who witnessed these boxcars with 4 other people traveling with her) and Jericho of FL (former NWO agenda participant who personally confirmed to me at Bradenton Christian Retreat, FL, that the prisoner boxcars and shackles in Asheville, NC, contained NOT only shackles, but a modern guillotine in each one.)


CIA sources have also abundantly confirmed the GUILLOTINE PRESENCE in America and their NWO/Noahide Laws purposes as well.


The spirit of ANTICHRIST originated with the Jews 2000 years ago, has been passed down throughout history for 2000 years now, and IT WILL BE FULLY CULMINATED with the Jews through their antichrist world globalist (communist) government that will indeed put Christians ( and all other NWO resisters) to death…just as Bible Prophecy declares clearly.

NOAHIDE LAWS require numerous tools for MASS BEHEADINGS just for America alone. Hence, THE GUILLOTINES.

At least 80 percent of Americans claim to be “CHRISTIANS.”

Well (heh-heh) we shall someday SEE just how “CHRISTIAN” these people who profess to be, REALLY ARE, as martial law is declared, the GUILLOTINES ARE PUBLICLY DISPLAYED, and supposed “Christians” (NWO resisters, etc) are arrested and lined up and the guillotine operators are crying out..


Hmmm…talking about a future separation of THE SHEEP from the GOATS. Persecution somehow always seems to do this.

The good news is, READ REVELATION 20:4. WE CHRISTIAN NWO RESISTERS WIN. SO bring on your guillotines, boyz!


-Pamela Schuffert


11 thoughts on “Why Are Modern Guillotines on Military Bases in America?

  1. I see the boxcars all the time transporting cars. I’ve never seen the guillotines,ever.I’ve never seen the black cars with shackles, ever.When someone shows me a picture of eather then i will become a true believer.Not saying that they don’t exist just sayin i’ve never had any proof beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    1. I agree. These trains are car carriers. I’ve never found any evidence of either guillotines or shackles. Still waiting for video proof if anyone has any.

      The shackles are to hold the cars in place. They also have a ring on them (looks like a handcuffs) to lock the chains inplace around the wheels. The “supposed” benches down the sides…. arent really that. Those are the older trains and “the benches” are just WHEEL GUIDES down the sides to allow the cars to drive on.


      . . .

      1. Yes Cathleen and REDHORSE, I understand being skeptical about this but why did these boxcars have shackles and then have guillotines mounted on the front of them? Also, why would FEMA order up 102,000 of these boxcars with these guillotines? There are a lot of links in this article to check out with photos, names and places, check them out to see for your self. there is a lot of info there on them links. Food for thought ya know. Just sayin`. 🙂

  2. just because no ones posting pics as proof doesn’t mean they don’t exist here in the states. we already know from history guillotines have been in existence and still in use in other countries. i heard organ harvesting is best when you lop someones head off. don’t know if its true but i did read that somewheres. and redhorse, did you count every one since infinity? if one falls off an overturned semi truck in your town maybe then you’d believe.

  3. Christians never fail to amaze me with their continuous support of Israel. These simple minded wastes fail to realize there is nothing more anti-christ than those that killed their Christ. It’s laughable really….

  4. The mystery religions of Babylon believe Lucifer is the one true God, and the illumined man will become God himself with the gift of intellect that Lucifer gave him long ago. They control the Freemasons especially, along with the illuminati. Christians are their enemy. They intend to bring about a one world socialist totalitarian government; communism/socialism is indeed alive and well. As many of the “New age” proponents have said, Christians and many others will have to die. The “New age movement” was created by freemasons, as was the idea of the Rapture. The Freemasons are against the church, state and the mob (IE you and I ).
    The New world order will arrive on a sea of blood; only the 80 million gun owners in the U.S stand in the way at this point; they must be disarmed.

  5. If Talmudic Judaism really does call for this using the Noahide Laws as a pretext, then I say to them: come and get me! I will never renounce my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Remember what Christ said (reported by John in Revelation) about “those who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan”…I’d love to know what they are paying Hagee and his ilk to betray the One they claim to profess…

  6. Shackles or no shackles, the fact remains that there are hundreds of FEMA camps all over this country, and many, if not most, have railway access.

    Transporting people to these camps by any other method than railway would be highly impractical, and not cost effective.

  7. The knights Templar, freemasons, illuminati, Knights of Malta, the Order of the Rose and cross, the order of death, skull and bones, etc, etc. They are all in reality just one organization, at their core, Luciferians. Imagery of snakes and the sun represent intellect, and deeper still, intellect given by Lucifer. The goal of all these organizations has always been the same, going back to the assassins sect in the middle east. Destruction of church, state and the mob. A one world government, with one religion, and themselves as Gods. Harry S Truman, a freemason, helped create the National security act and the CIA, from behind which the secret societies work to create their New World Order. Over watched by the statue of liberty, a freemason gift of the queen of Babylon to their new Babylon. They care not how much blood is spilled to accomplish their goal, as if you are not one of them, you are nothing. They avenged the killing of their Grandmaster on November 22 1307 by killing JFK on November 22 1963; he was in their way; sacrificed in the masonic designed Dealy plaza, sitting on the 33rd parallel. The torch of nimrod sits on his grave in mockery; as always, its true meaning hidden in plain sight. Those that oppose the NWO, off with their heads in the concentration camps.

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