Why Everyone Should Own a Gun


Published on Jan 13, 2014 by BraveTheWorld

You can make a second amendment argument. You can quote statistics. You can reference history. These arguments are relevant but unneeded. There is only one true “progun” argument. It is an absolute. It is unwavering and does not fall on its knees to circumstance. It is fundamental to all human beings.

You are alive. You have an inherent right to stay alive. A gun is a tool. You have the right to wield it to preserve your life when under threat.

It’s not about gun rights, it’s about the unquestionable right to yourself. Guns are equality. Guns are life. So get one and brave the world.

3 thoughts on “Why Everyone Should Own a Gun

  1. I would own any gun she wanted me to have if it would get me a date with her!The shot of her with hair down racking the shotgun,well…….,may have fell in love a tiny bit at first sight!

  2. Every American should own at least one gun because Americans have a civic duty to defend our freedom and our Bill of Rights, and if you’re unarmed, you’re obviously not able to do that.

    Being ready to serve in the militia is EVERY American’s duty, and every one of these “gun control” freaks is a traitor to this nation, and all it stands for.

    After the revolution, we should round up everyone who doesn’t own a gun and kick ’em right the hell out of here for not being good citizens.

    You don’t like guns? NO problem. There are plenty of countries you can move to where guns are illegal, but America’s system of government REQUIRES you to be armed. That requirement was never codified into law because there was never a need to do so until very recently in our history, but as long as this is supposed to be a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people”, then “the people”, obviously, also have to be an army.

    Doesn’t that only make sense? Good. Have that argument with you when you meet one of these gun control idiots. That’s why I write.

  3. I know I cannot afford NOT to own one, but being on a fixed income does not afford me to own one … nor the ammo. 🙁
    . . .

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