Why is Henry no Longer at Republic Broadcasting Network?

Considering the situation we are all in, many of you are asking why things seem to be so screwed up in the patriot movement.  Henry stepped up and said, “People, we are the American nationals of the American race.  This country belongs to us and there are more than enough of us to take it back from those who have orchestrated this insurgency.  We are not a bunch of whimpering cowards.  We have whipped the world and we can do it again.”

The people came forth and said, “Yeah!”  Then every day more and more remembered who we are and that we don’t allow people to push us around.  One day we even pushed back and BAM, Henry wasn’t on the radio anymore.

Now seeing as how all of us crave nothing more than just getting this thing over with, one might ask why anyone calling themselves a patriot would want to break this chain of events and stop it from going to the next level.  It is the saddest and sickest thing to have to tell you, but the fact is an industry has been built up around this insurgency, the police state, and those who would potentially resist and want to survive.

To me, my brothers and sisters across this country represent the army that must re-secure the Republic, but there are those out there to which you represent a market place and nothing more.

Look at it like a store.  Best case scenario, they keep as many people in their store as long as possible, keeping in mind that once you are done shopping, their product will be obsolete.  These merchants are selling hope, fear, and doubt.  With each purchase of one, they emphasize the need for another of one of the others. These people sell words and their words become worthless once the Republic is re-secured.

In my fight for the Republic, the obstacles I have encountered have been individuals and groups labeling themselves patriots, looking to make a buck in offering a catalyst to the next step.  They have only one step to sell you (wake people up).  And don’t forget, this is a step you are taking toward the inevitable which is an all out fight.

These people are unnecessary as all they are really doing is selling you known facts, which have been known facts for a long time.  And every day more customers wander into the store and no one gets to leave until everyone is done shopping.

If Mark Koernke had Alex Jones’ and John Stadtmiller’s resources, our battle for the Republic would be in its closing stages right now.  This is how much the cause has been hindered by those who have deliberately delayed what they absolutely know to be the inevitable for no other reason than the accumulation of power and wealth.

Our situation is growing more dire every day.  In spite of this fact and in spite of hell, if anyone steps up to try to get the people on the move, they are seen as competition and a threat to profitable businesses.

My work at Republic Broadcasting, I did without any compensation other than the effect it had.  Some people are seeking wealth and power.  I serve the Republic and that is why I am no longer on RBN.

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God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “Why is Henry no Longer at Republic Broadcasting Network?

  1. Jonestown has the resources it has because his wife Kelly Nichols, is jewish. Jones 3 kids and wife have dual-national Israeli passports and citizenship. His boss is a zionist jew, as are his advertisers. Jones is paid to divert attention away from zionism and its role in the world tragedy. So are his proteges- Tarpley and Cartalucci- who claims “Isarel is just the scapegoat for problems in the M.E.” lolol

    THAT is how you have power in this game, like all others. Pander to the folks in power.

    1. One of Infowars advertisers is Youngevity International. Dr. Joel Wallach being the owner and CEO of Youngevity International.

      When I lived in Monterey back in 1999, I became a (now ex) distributor for Youngevity International (aka American Longevity). My upline sponsor was Michael Zwerling, Jewish owner of KSCO radio station out of Santa Cruz.

      After all these years, I’m not surprised to see the connections made and direction Youngevity International has gone to support and grow their business.

      Early on the company’s message wasn’t so much about the company, the seminars, and the awards like it is now.

      It was more about the product and the benefits of the basic 90 essential colloidal minerals and how beneficial they are for the body.

      “They” support each other: http://www.freedomportal.net/forum/index.php?topic=23121.0

  2. I think that he did a fine job on this article – anotherblogwhore. Just what are you not getting. Just look at what started all this bunk and then you tell me – this whole mess is all just a bunch of dirty pool from Off Grid Survival and GoDaddy, and now RBN. You are right though anotherblogwhore – WFT bud. Like the saying goes – we all hang together or ya hang alone.

  3. Digger, ya just got me to thinking of the fun we will have when TPTB build those “Mass Gallows!”
    We will have to commandeer one or two of those 12-at-a-drop machines for our movement! I wonder if it can be mounted on a flatbed trailer and hauled from town to town as we dispense justice to those slime bags that so desperately need a neck stretching.
    Yessir! I can see it now, public hangings in every town square.
    I’m getting too excited, time to burn one and settle down!
    God Bless the Republic! DEATH to the NWO CABAL!

    1. Hi, how ya doing rhumstruck I haven`t seen ya posting as much lately. Sounds like a good idea – to burn one. Anyway now you got me thinking on more than just one sub. hahaha. Anyway, back to my reply to ya haha. What would be realy a neat thought would be to get a couple of those big ol` work horses and hook up a old hay wagon and mount one of those guilotenes – my spelling ya know – and a gallows just to give them TPTB a choice of a off with the head or a good neck stretching. We could go from town to town. I like your idea rhumstruck – thinking about it the guilotene would be messy wouldn`t it.

  4. I am a Retired Broadcast Engineer, I have a Valid FCC Radiotelephone , 1st. Class license, also Amateur Since 1958.

    I tried to warn people about the Many Frauds on these Networks. Anderson STOLE the Radio Transmitters from a Widow Woman:
    Christian Media has repeatedly sought to expose the treachery at the Genesis Communications Network for several years now. They stole their original equipment from another patriot network named Republic Radio. Fraudulently claiming they had purchased the network, the management of Genesis literally backed up a U-Haul, and loaded up the broadcasting equipment while the rightful owner was out of town!

    The victim of this theft was Loris Thompkins, then owner of the now defunct Republic Radio Network. Loris then formed the Heritage Network and promptly sued Genesis for their theft of her assets. In an interesting side note, although the Genesis Network was defended by a high-priced law firm, Loris was helped by certain patriot figures conversant in law as she sued Genesis on a pro-se basis representing herself.

    This was because the stolen network represented her entire net worth and she was virtually penniless after being fleeced by Genesis. Ted “Goldfinger” Anderson (the key man at Genesis and gold broker Midas Resources), on the other hand, is said to be a millionaire.

    In case anyone is interested, Loris Thompkins has now been proven to be the wronged party. On February 22, 2001, Genesis settled with Loris Thompkins for a significant sum of money. This is the equivalent of a tacit admission of guilt. Incidentally, a complete history of the Genesis Communications Network, including its unsavory origin through theft and deceit, is covered in the book Shortwave Wars (see the catalog at Christianmedianetwork.com). Also, Loris Thompkins periodically addresses the subject on radio as she now broadcasts on The Christian Media Network with a program called To Tell The Truth.

  5. Not to change the subject but you all should be watching Fow News Today. There is going to be a lot of BREAKING News on the Bengazi attacks.

  6. Jesus Christ as the Messiah tried, JFK as President of the most powerful nation on earth tried, The beautiful Rachael Corrie as a concerned person tried. At least you live to fight another day and all who read your web site are preparing themselves.

    The 2 billion dollar zionist extravaganza faux election farce will soon pass and then the reality that another joker leads the pack will gradually dawn as the herd get restless and one or two more realize that the Coming will be a day and night mare. It is a time to prepare accordingly, the enemy as you have realized are well within the city gates and will tolerate only minimal resistance.

  7. A picture worth a thousand words. alex stadtmiller and john jones having a beer over a business deal. Mike harris is gone, Deanna Spingola cut to an hour, it’s not worth tuning in anymore. Where to go now?

  8. Much like the nicotine patch industry relies on smokers… Screw ’em let’s just keep up what we can until the party starts.

  9. Seems to me the chaff is getting seperated from the grain. When it comes to feeding Liberty, it needs bread, not a bunch of filler.

  10. A good analogy would be to compare the patriot movement to the ‘mainstream’ Christian one. What two things do Billy Graham, Jesse Jackson, and many other well-known televangelists have in common?

    Money (lots) and masonry (32nd & 33rd degrees in many cases).
    (Louis Farrakan also)

    I often wonder how many of these well-heeled so-called patriots are secretly masons and Zionist supporters as well.

    Something to think about..

    As I’ve stated before, this is the ONLY site I trust 100%. Keep up the outstanding work, Henry.

    1. Well, we know that John Hagee is a Christian Zionist Warmonger. That dude actually prays for wars. I am all for the real Israel and Jews, But the Babylonian Talmudic Zionist got to go. As Jesus said, though they say they are Jews, but are not, they are of the Synagog of Satan.

      1. Rev. 2:9 & 3:9. We also know that 144,000 true Jews will be saved.

        I don’t expect ANY of them will be Zionist, though.

        1. “true Jews” – no such thing. The term was Judah, the tribe. Absolutely nothing to do with the Caananite/Edomite’s who today call themselves “jews”. But back them they usurped the identity of the tribe Judah.

          1. Actually, they’re Ashkenazi ‘Jews’, converts to Judaism from the Khazarian empire, at around 742 A.D.

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