8 thoughts on “Wiley’s = 3, Rat Bassturds = 0

  1. Something missing in his diet
    That’s why he eats crap

    My dog eats our weasels poop
    If he gets the opportunity

    Vet said it was a dietary issue
    I told my wife to just feed the weasels
    And don’t buy any dog food anymore

    Win win

    She got mad .. told me I was sick
    So my dog eats shit and I’m the one that’s F’ed up?
    lol that’s why I love her
    She tells it like it is

    1. I gotta tell ya…

      The other night I brought my old black lab in the trailer to sleep.
      Because it was in the high thirties.
      He’s got old bones.

      I left the little dog outside in the kennel.

      Now he’s not a barker like my lab.

      But when he does bark… I know something is really wrong.

      So I pass out.

      Then he just starts barking up a storm.
      Very unusual. …

      Then he starts to howl loudly.

      I wake up… and I’m going what the F is going on here.

      I’ve never heard him like this.

      He started howling so loud.

      That the coyotes started howling.

      Then they starting howling back and forth.

      I’ve never experienced anything like it with dogs.

      I think it’s that wild DNA dingo gene he has.

      Plus if you leave a mug of southern comfort and coke on your chair and go to take a leak he’ll sneak up and drink it all.

    1. They’re like big mountain squirrels.

      They’re pretty big to too.

      They wake you up at night trying to gnaw into your trailer.

      All I know is when I throw’em in the burn barrel and burn the fur off of them.

      They all look like rats.

  2. Rat “bass-turds”? Since when do rats (or squirrels for that matter) play bass?

    Or eat bass (you know, the fish) for that matter? 😉

    1. Bada…ching.

      I spell it that way so its a little less politically incorrect.

      Plus AI won’t throw it into spellchecker moderation.

      Just to remind you..
      I’m still on online probation.

      I have to watch my peas and ques.

      For the children.

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