2 thoughts on “Will Israel Be The Next World Power?

  1. Sorry but the Heading might better read the zionist state of Israel and its corporate controlled agents worldwide Is in fact The World Power.

    All world leaders apart from Iran it would seem are beholden to do the bidding of this rotten state. Look at the leaders of Iraq where no weapons of mass destruction were found, Libya the most prosperous country in Africa reduced to ruins both of which did not cower before the zionist flag and its corporate interests and their usury called due to them! banking interests. Look at UK. USA. France. Germany doing the bidding of their master in Syria. The main stream corrupted media provides all the clues as to who their corporate masters really are.

    Opt out of their system or be CONTROLLED.

    Look at the All Seeing Eye on your Federal Reserve Bank debt note, it symbolizes nazi CONTROL, it is used in the quoted commerce of all commodities which means ALL real wealth worldwide is quoted in their zion bank issued dollars. No longer in God We Trust or backed by gold.

    Look at the symbolism of the nazi Concentration camp lights surrounding the Olympic stadium, this is not by accident, nothing is done by accident all CONTROL is by design.

  2. Good catch, David2.
    The first thing that came to mind when I saw the headline was to ask you to please define the term “next”.
    But your following comment nullified that question.

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