Will The NSA, The IRS, Obamacare And An Army Of Hackers = a Cypriot Style Bail-In?

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The kick the can down the road approach to the American deficit did nothing about the 915 billion dollars the US adds every month to its total of unfunded liabilities which was 221 trillions dollars just a few months ago. The Republican attempt to either delay Obamacare for a year or to repeal it altogether failed. An Internet radio host with good sources within the Republican party was told the party folded because the American people are not quite bright enough to see how bad Obamacare will be. The leadership decided to wait until January when the people get their new insurance bills with reduced coverage, higher deductibles, IRS fines and premiums 60% or more higher. Then the Republicans think they will be able to score points with an enraged public in an election year.  

I am thinking of another possibility. I did say that America will never have Cyprus style Bail-Ins where the banks seize depositor assets to pay for the bank’s bad loans and criminal activity. I said that because Americans own more than 300 million guns. European governments can do a lot of things that American politicians would never dare to try.

But there is another possibility. The NSA did lie and say they helped to apprehend over 50 terrorists. That number was reduced to one and then finally to zero. The NSA with all the money we have given them should have been able able to stop the hackers stealing our identities, looting our bank accounts and credit cards or just even maliciously sending out malware to harm our computers. That website http://www.Healthcare.gov to date has cost the taxpayers 650 million dollars to build. It does not work in the sense that it gets people signed up with a new and approved health insurance policy. It does work in the sense that it collects your personal data which it sends to the NSA. In fact so many of us have sent in data that those acres and acres of computers in Utah have had some servers burn out due to a lack of cooling.

Professional programmers have examined the Healthcare website and have concluded that it was never intended to work. The Obama administration did not want you to find out just how much it was going to cost. But they did get your data so the IRS which has hired nearly 17,000 new agents and armed them with 40 caliber handguns, sawed off shotguns and automatic weapons to make sure you pay those Obamacare fines. So some time in January the IRS will start raking in a hundreds billion of dollars in fines.

Hackers have had problems with that Healthcare website because it is not functioning very well. It would only take a few million dollars more in improvements for there to be enough information online in one place to make overnight billionaires out hackers from Shanghai to Los Angeles and from New York to St Petersburg and all points between. Tens of thousands of pimply faced adolescents will be able to move out of their mothers’ basements and buy themselves mansions, fast cars and make a down payment on their very first real live girl friend.

Of course people silly enough to have any money in any American bank account can be looted at will.

But there is another alternative. Suppose the banks branch out and try Identity theft. Would you put it past them to hire a lot of hackers in Third World countries and break their jobs down to need to know simple and isolated steps? Give sufficient information from Obamacare records for a legion of poorly paid data entry clerks to open 20 or 30 million credit card accounts. This is step one in identity theft. In step two another legion of date entry clerks spend money. In step 3 a third group cashes in on what was stolen. Not many skills needed by anyone at the lower levels.

But there is a problem. As they say in American detective stories, ‘Someone has to go to jail.’ This just means that in some cases the public is so outraged that the police have to arrest someone. They could track down and prosecute a hundred pimply faced teenagers and send them to prison. But most of the money could be stolen by the bankers themselves and moved from one bank to another until it wound up offshore.

Obamacare will be such a disaster that it will exceed what the bankers did to the depositors of Cyprus. I find it hard to believe that the bankers will not take advantage of the situation. The economy will drop like a rock anyway. It is the end of the road. All those IRS fines and higher insurance premium plus those deductibles will destroy the economy just about the time the Congress is asked to vote on Obamacare. At that point additional millions will be sent into Identity theft hell. That will blow a huge hole in the economy. Nobody will have any money to spend.

And 250 million people will discover the financial pain of large deductibles. Even if their deductible is only a thousand or two, they will have to pay all of those first medical expenses of 2014 out of pocket. That first quarter will be crunch time for the economy.

There will be about 150 million angry people out there. The illegal aliens will be given subsidies through their employers to pay for Obamacare. A few million citizens might lose their jobs because it will be cheaper to fire the citizens and hire the illegals.

The dollar and the economy will collapse. There will be nationwide food riots. America will hit a brick wall. So why wouldn’t the banks steal a few trillion dollars more and blame it on the black man in the White House? They don’t care what the mobs do to him or any other politician.

January is shaping up to be far worse than that Cypriot Bail-In.

A Personal Note: I have a question for you. I consistently get more than 200 readers a day from search engines. Yesterday was a slow day because I had not published a new article for several days. But I did get 279 readers directed to my blog from search engines. Some of the search terms reported were understandable.

For example, john hagee blood moon and the 4 blood moons, john hagee both brought people to my article:

Was John Hagee Told By The Israelis When They Plan To Blow Up The World?


And others did a variation on Is Janet Yellen Jewish? Those searches on the front page of the search engines cited sources from Jewish publications. But if you went to page two, you would find this:

Janet Yellen’s Options At The Federal Reserve Are Limited By People Saying No


I wrote the above article in September. I noticed it became popular thanks to the search engines on the day her nomination was announced.

And that is when I did some sleuthing at WordPress. I had noticed a lot of hits to my blog from search engines were from Unknown Search Terms. I discovered from a footnote on a second page of references that Search Engines do not always disclose why they sent someone to your blog.

As I said, I had 279 hits came from Search Engines. But 167 of the 279 came from Unknown Search terms. They do not want to tell me why they sent these people to this site.

I am inclined to believe it has something to do with your search history. What do you think? Please leave reasoned comments below after you have had a chance to think before you write. Thanks.


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