5 thoughts on “William Cooper – The UGLY Truth – B’nai B’rth & the ADL

  1. Amicus, thanks for posting this link. I referenced Cooper’s exposé of B’nai B’rth in a posting on this site a couple of weeks ago. It is well worth your time to listen too this “Hour of the Time’ broadcast.

  2. Milton William Cooper
    The Actual Circumstances Of Cooper’s Death

    According to neighbor of Bill Cooper, Walter J. Bubien, Jr. of Saint Johns, Arizona, this is his first hand account that Wikipedia will not allow.

    The FBI teamed up with the Apache County Sheriff’s Office with a plan to get Cooper. The plan was to send young male and female sheriff deputies in plain clothes in an unmarked car to park at the bottom of Cooper’s driveway, appear to be drinking beer, play their radio loud, and toss their bottles out on the ground. This was done to bait Cooper into approaching the two, to tell them to get off his property. Two other Sheriff vehicles were hidden behind a hill so that after Cooper drove down his driveway, they would then quickly drive out and block the driveway so that Cooper could not return to his house as they would attempt to arrest him. The initial plan worked and Cooper drove down to the end of his driveway to tell these people to leave. When he approached their bait car, the two deputy cars drove out from their hiding place and blocked Coopers drive behind him. However, Cooper drove off-road and detoured off the driveway around the two deputy cars and made it back to his house, got out of his car, and was walking towards his front door when the deputies also jumped out of their cars in pursuit. One pulled his revolver out of his holster, put the gun up next to his own head, and in doing so accidentally discharged a round wounding his own ear. Another deputy, 25-years old at the time, after hearing a round discharged fired five times at Cooper’s back, hitting Cooper all 5 times in the back as he was walking towards his front door, fatally wounding Cooper. Cooper was unarmed. Two years later, the deputy who shot Cooper five times in the back, while riding a motorcycle too fast around a curve, hit sand, flew off an embankment, and was instantly killed. This is a first hand account of what happened and I note much was done by the FBI and local Apache Sheriff’s office to put out false propaganda to the press attempting to cover up what happened the day Bill Cooper was killed.


  3. Another excellent Cooper Hour of the Times video, about Christian Identity:


    Cooper is right–ALL RACES can “get to heaven” and Jesus said “make disciples of ALL NATIONS” including black, brown, red, yellow. I was once Christian Identity (as well as Christian Zionist), but I just could not handle their racism and hatred of Jews (Khazar or not, but I do believe Cooper is wrong about the Khazar thing. DNA tests, as well as Arthur Koestler, proved this one. And the Times of Israel finally admitted it.). If anyone on here is Christian Identity (and I know there are some on here), please watch the video anyway. Cooper was one of the people who convinced me British Israelism and Christian Identity were not Biblical (and there were others as well).

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