Windows 10 Tried To Install Itself On Computers Secretly

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It’s no secret that Microsoft wants users to upgrade to Windows 10. It is a free upgrade within the first year, and more users adopting the platform is what they are after. Well, according to a report from Forbes,Microsoft is being really, really shady about how they try to get you to upgrade.

It seems that some users have discovered that Microsoft had attempted to secretly install Windows 10 on the computers of Windows 7 and 8 users without their knowledge or consent. That’s just not cool at all.  

It was discovered when the Windows Update log was pulled up and there were multiple errors in the attempts to install Windows 10. Microsoft has admitted this really happened but they have attributed it to a bug from an automatic update that the company had rolled out to users in August. According to them, there was a bug that triggered these failed installations, but Microsoft claims that this has now been fixed, which Forbes confirms.

This is not the first time we have heard a story about Microsoft claiming a bug prompted installations. Last month there was a glitch that would have installed Windows 10 on computers if users weren’t quick enough to notice. Seems pretty convenient to me. In any event, it is all out in the open now.

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15 thoughts on “Windows 10 Tried To Install Itself On Computers Secretly

    1. Honestly most linux distros are easy to install and use these days especially if you just use the computer to surf the web and check emails.

        1. You can run most windows software on linux ,with a program called Wine. There are lots of youtube tutorials on it and the linux forums are always a big help if you get stuck on something.

          1. Wine is so so if you really need something that only runs on windows, use vitualbox and create a windows virtual machine you can lock down a virtual machine pretty well.

  1. I have the windows update settings on “never check for updates” and I haven’t had any of these problems with my windows7 piece of garbage.

    1. I did the same thing, JR. Turned-off ‘Windows Update’, and installed Malwarebytes Anti Malware… and have not had any problems now for almost 1-year. Our IT group at work said that Windows-10 is another botched operating system like Windows Millenium was.

      I have not heard what Professor McCanney had to say about Windows-10 loading automatically in December, but if it does, I have Windows-7 and my files on back-up and can re-install it very easily. It’s just a pain to have to reformat/wipe the hard drive.

    1. Tor isn’t all that secure anymore, a vpn connection works better I think there are a few places that provide that as a free service.

      Running on a live stick nerfs performance so if you are doing anything other than web surfing your not gonna like it.

  2. Windows POS. I run Windows 7 and have my update setting on “notify me before installing”, then I can decide which updates to allow. Firewall and antivirus protection are a joke at this point. I took a big attack not too long ago that I cannot resolve the repercussions from. At this point, I’m online for an hour, my computer gets slower and slower until it freezes up, then I have to re-boot. Anyone else having similar issues out there and, most importantly, a remedy? (Yes, throwing it in the trash and going with a Mac is the best option but anything short of that.)

    1. yes…..once I uninstalled the updates KB 3068708,KB 3022345, KB 3075249, KB 3080149 (windows 10) I noticed improved performance but still slower than it used to be

    2. wiz tree.

      If you ever get a fuller than full HD/ram every time use this.

      It hunts the space hogs and then you can click and delete. It will also show you what the program is so it can be disabled or uninstalled.

      I used it on #1’s laptop when kaperski went off the res and was saving compressed files that equaled 13TB every session.

  3. Microsoft won’t stop until they have their Skynet software forced on and installed in every computer because they know that no one wants it and to trash it would mean they would lose millions of dollars in time and money.

    Also, there must be something hidden on there that they want us to have in order to spy on us so much that they will do anything to install it on every computer out there. I’m guessing that they made a deal with some elite spies to the point that there is no turning back and if they don’t get it installed, they’ll find themselves mysteriously flying off a 30 story building like a lot of them bankers, if you know what I mean. 😉

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